Exercise Your Right, But Entertain Us First

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Here’s my two cents.

First, the GREATEST Commandment of all –

“Love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34)

If we all just remember that is what we are supposed to do, then we wouldn’t have such conflict in society. It’s really that simple. Or it should be anyway. Whether you are a Believer or not, can’t we all just love one another?

This country, the country we Americans choose to live in, was founded on such principles. Here’s a history lesson – the Pilgrims came in search of freedom, mainly to worship in their own way without government interference. As the Constitution was formed other freedoms were put in place – like the right to assemble, like the freedom of speech. I’m all for our freedoms!

The National Anthem STANDS for our Freedoms. So, if you’re kneeling because it’s your right, isn’t it an oxymoron?

I hate to say it but kneeling during the National Anthem is a freedom, a right we have. BUT, is it really necessary? Is it really THE BEST WAY to get your point across? In my opinion, no. Not only that but, it’s disrespectful. It’s like the burning of or stomping on the Flag of the United States – disrespectful.

The National Anthem STANDS for our Freedoms. So, if you’re kneeling because it’s your right, isn’t it an oxymoron? You’re kneeling because you have the right to do so but you’re still disrespecting your freedom, specifically your freedom of speech? That doesn’t make sense. Maybe I’m missing something here.

Again, I’m all for exercising your right. I am. But, when you bring your politics into something meant to entertain – an awards show, a concert, an NFL football game, a sports event of any sort – you’re missing the point. We don’t watch you for your politics. We watch you for the gift you get to share with us. Not all of us can be actors, singers, athletes. You are entertaining us. That is not the appropriate platform in which to take your stand. We don’t buy a ticket to hear your politics. We don’t buy into cable or satellite television to hear your politics. We don’t want your autograph or wear your jersey for your politics. We want to enjoy the gift you’ve been given. Take your politics off the stage/field. Direct it elsewhere. Write a blog. Set up a YouTube Channel. Take out a full-page ad in a magazine or newspaper (does anyone really do this anymore?). Find another outlet and let us get back to enjoying your gift.

You see, whether you are on the stage or on the field, you are not only entertaining us but you are uniting us. When you bring your politics into it, you divide us. We didn’t sign up for division. We signed up to be entertained, to come together, to enjoy that which we have in common – the love of music, entertainment, sports. In our conflicted world today, sometimes that two hours of entertainment is what we need to decompress, find some peace, laugh, cheer on our favorite entertainer or athlete, what have you. That’s why we pay the price of admission in whatever form that means.

Look…I’m all for you standing up for your right. Just take it off the stage or field. Entertain us. That’s what you are paid to do. That’s the bottom line. Really.

One more point to ponder – if any of us normal working individuals brought our political stance to the workplace, you do realize that most of us would be disciplined, if not fired, right? Just something to think about.

And perhaps like I said at the beginning, if we all just remember to love each other, we wouldn’t need to have this conversation in the first place.

That’s my two cents.


Note: all comments are moderated because you see, this is my blog and I have a right to do so. If your comment is not an objective intelligent response, I’m probably not going to approve it. But you know what, this is a free country and if you find it necessary to share your commentary, then you can create your own blog if you so choose. Thank you.

2 Responses to “Exercise Your Right, But Entertain Us First”
  1. Cathy T says:

    I have to agree with you Lisa. I have seen many comparisons between the athletes kneeling and Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on t he bus but to me, that is not an apples to apples comparison. Rosa Parks, in refusing to give up her seat, became a vehicle for change. If these athletes truly want the system to change, then they should go out into these communities that are suffering the most and work directly with law enforcement and the community to change the attitude of one towards another. We all know that there is a serious problem regarding the racial divide in this country the kneeling/sitting controversy is just making it worse. It’s not inspiring change in the way that Rosa Parks actions did. It is just making the division even wider and harder to breach.

    • Exactly. I see the injustice and I, too, would like to be a part of the solution, but this kneeling thing…there is so much discussion about whether that’s right or wrong, which is missing the point. I’m more concerned about disrespecting our National Anthem, our Flag and what they both stand for, than I am the reason why we’re talking about it. Hate to say it but it’s true. Think about it. If kneeling during the Anthem, disrespecting it and our Flag, is more important to the person kneeling than the cause in which they fight for, well then they’re doing no good for their cause. So, what’s the point? There are other ways to silently (or not) protest that WILL get people talking and hopefully, wanting to do something about your cause. Disrespecting the Anthem and the Flag is not one of them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Cathy T!

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