Tired? Sometimes a Weekend Away is in Order

Author’s note: I wrote this back in November 2015. Since taking my own advice and feeling less tired, I figured even though this is an old draft, I’d publish it now anyway. Maybe it will inspire others to make positive changes to feel better about things or just themselves. Life is too short not too!

Boy am I tired. And I don’t know how to explain why, but I’m going to give it a shot. Perhaps if I rephrase it as a question, it’ll be easier –

Why am I so tired?

The answer is not physical; it’s mental. Physically, I am in the best health I’ve ever been in (as far as I know, and based on what the Doc told me just a couple of months ago – yea me!). Mentally, I’m exhausted.

I feel like there is more bad than good in the world even though I know the good exists. I made a statement about this on Facebook a couple of months ago and a smart friend gave me a piece of advice that I actually took and it actually helped. I stopped following most of the news  media Pages I was following and man, I can’t tell you how much my spirits lifted within a week’s time. No more negative stories about stupid humans. You know, the kind that make poor, poor choices – the murderers, the drunk drivers who kill innocents because of their stupid decision to get behind the wheel (isn’t that always the case?), the people who choose to abuse other people AND animals (which gets my goat every time! I mean, people can at least scream and fight back, but puppies, dogs, guinea pigs even, they can’t scream. Thinking about this topic hurts my heart.) Again, stupid people.

And that’s just the physically stupid. Never mind the mentally stupid, those that absolutely must voice their non-objective, I-am-the-above-all-end-all, my-opinion-is-gold, opinions everywhere they possibly can share them. Whether it’s a complaint about poor service they’ve received at a restaurant OR they’re just not happy with the outcome of the latest political debate (or congressional decision) OR the outcome of the game they waited all weekend to watch OR that their favorite celebrity has chosen to exit the show they’ve been faithfully watching for ten years OR ….you see my point?

God forbid (literally) that we actually spend time building each other up, complimenting each other, looking for the positive even among the negative. 

I’m tired of all the negativity that is so prevalent out there. God forbid (literally) that we actually spend time building each other up, complimenting each other, looking for the positive even among the negative. Unfortunately, much of what I see is through social media…and I happen to heart social media. With social you have the power to reach the masses like no other medium out there, but that’s a two-way street: with the good comes the bad, right?

What MORE can I do to get the message across – stop being so negative and start enjoying this life you’ve been given?

Now…like my friend, you could tell me to un-follow, un-subscribe, un-this or un-that those that I’m currently following, subscribed to, connected to or friends with that tend to be negative “Nellies” and only follow the ones that aren’t. Sure. But, that’s not realistic, and perhaps the underlying root of my tiredness isn’t so much that negativity exists so heavily out there.  It’s really about how can I inspire others MORE than I (hope) I do? What MORE can I do to get the message across – stop being so negative and start enjoying this life you’ve been given?

I mean, seriously.

We have only 70+ years on this planet if we are so blessed. Why on God’s green earth (literally) do we humans have to make such poor choices and such bad decisions that only make our world a less desirable place to live? Hmmm? Why?

That’s the root of my problem – I don’t know what more I can do to inspire others to be positive, to try something new, to live a life full of potential and blessings and good decisions and…love.

It makes me tired.

I’m sorry. I’ve just gone on this rant that I’m not even sure makes sense to me much less you, my Reader. I guess I just needed a brain dump. If you got this far, thanks for reading.

And I know I do a lot already. I do. I’m on social media because, more than anything else, it gives me the ability to inspire. I pray I do every single day. I give of my time and resources to charitable organizations that I support wholeheartedly and not because “I’m supposed to” or just to “look good” in the eyes of those around me (and you know some people do that for that reason). I am there for my family and my friends as their ear to listen (or to give advice even if it may not be the best advice). God has certainly given me much to be grateful for and I just try and return the favor!

But, I am tired.

Lisaonhorseback2015I took a trip Labor Day Weekend last year to Cape Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks by myself to relax, refresh, reflect, rejuvenate. It was the best thing I’ve ever done! Maybe I need another weekend away somewhere to do that again? Hmmm…now my mind is spinning and suddenly my spirits are lifted. 🙂

Think I’ll go sit by my pumpkin ginger spice candle with a cup of tea and plan that get away.

As always, I encourage comments. BUT, if yours is off point or anything other than objective and helpful, I will not approve it. I will, however, recommend that you start your own blog to voice your opinion your way. That’s the beautiful thing about this medium. 😉

Featured image – Bodie Island Light House, Cape Hatteras Island, Outer Banks, Copyright 2015. Lisa Sullivan. All rights reserved.

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