The Best Thing About Self Quarantine – the Slow Down

Image above copyright 2020, Lisa Sullivan. All Rights Reserved.

I sure hope you’re feeling it.

Let me just say, well yes, shutting down business for a period of time is no good for any economy. Absolutely. And Lord knows (literally) I’m praying daily for relief to bring us back to some normalcy (as I’ve said before, albeit a new normal). Yet, there are SO MANY blessings coming out of…




The last three days in North Carolina have been weather-AH-MAZING. It’s still March and I have been able to sit on my patio for morning coffee and Bible study, afternoon book reading and cocktail hour. My windows and slider have also been open letting in the fresh air even as the remnants of pollen season continue. I am so very thankful spring really is upon us even if it’s a bit wet today…and that I don’t mind either; keep washing that pollen away!

Mamma Finch captured on my balcony.

Mamma Finch and her nest.

Yesterday was probably the most perfect day of the three days. While I was having my morning coffee, I noticed the bird family in the rafters above my patio had littles, and they were singing up a tune or two as I sat there. All I could do was smile. We are in such an isolating time (for obvious and good reason) and yet, Mama Birdie had babies. I mean, the wonder of nature! Slowing down and really having a chance to take that in is such a blessing.

Flowers budding on the trees in springtime.

Then, I took my daily 2 mile walk through and around my neighborhood. The sky was perfectly blue, not a cloud in it. I stopped to snap a pic of the trees in bloom. It was worth the pause.

Don’t you see…every single day before the Coronavirus took over, we all were busy, busy, busy! Time was measured in home life, work life, after work life, weekend life, anything to fill our time with. I sat there on my patio yesterday thinking about why on earth I used to pride myself on being “so busy”. I sat there realizing I need to take this time to really re-evaluate what’s important to me. In no particular order –

Nature is important to me.

Family and friends are important to me.

Church and my faith are both important to me.

Music is important to me.

Writing is important to me.

Traveling is important to me.

And then I also sat there realizing I need to incorporate these things more into my life without being “so busy”.

I don’t know. Maybe because I’m over 50 now re-evaluation is also part of the aging process and perhaps, I’m overthinking (not sure of that). I just know I loved watching Mamma Bird, seeing the trees bloom, soaking in the breeze from my patio the last three days, the slow down. I loved it…all of it.

What do you think? In the midst of this crisis, are you re-evaluating your life? Are you enjoying the slow down? What reflections have you made?

We get this one life. ONE. Really understanding what that means lately. I hope you are as well.

God BLESS you today and every day. Until next time, stay healthy, stay safe, stay home, embrace the slow down.

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