My Country is Hurting and My Heart is Breaking

(Featured image credit to Loren Kerns via Flickr.)

It’s Monday, November 6, 2017 and my heart is breaking…again.

I don’t understand.

I don’t understand how a human being can make a conscious decision to commit murder, to take a life of another human being.

I don’t.

What goes through a person’s mind to get to that point? And did you notice that every single mass killing is committed by a man? A MAN?

How are we missing this?

My heart aches for the man that gets to that point, mentally. And that’s the crux of the matter here. It’s not the lack of gun control. Take the guns away and they’ll figure out something else. Timothy McVeigh. Remember him?

I’m not saying it could go to that length (but it could). And I’m not saying that any form of gun control isn’t worth it. It is. There has to be some standard a human being lives up to in order to legally purchase and own a weapon that when fired has the ability to kill. I get that. But, let’s face it, that is not the only cause of the problem here. It’s just as much a mental health issue (if not more).

And I have no clue how to fix that, but I have an idea – perhaps if we start with love. I know what you’re thinking, “Well duh, Lis.” But the thing is that’s really where it needs to start – have compassion, give love, BE love. When we notice someone isn’t “themselves”, inquire. Take the time to recognize when the people around us are hurting and even if the help they need goes beyond a simple question of “What’s wrong?” or “How can I help?”, then know how to point them in the right direction…and care enough to follow up with them too.

Truthfully, this all starts in the home. The moment we bring a child into this world we need to teach them love, compassion, and faith. Let’s not forget faith too.

In my opinion, faith is KEY. For me, it’s faith in God knowing that He has my whole life planned and trusting that He will reveal each puzzle piece to it in His time is what grounds me, keeps me centered. God is my Center. My faith is my key. It has taught me more about love and compassion than anything else and every time I am faced with a challenge, hardship, or heartbreak, I turn to The One who guides me, protects me, and loves me to help me through it. Perhaps if more people turned to faith to help them through life, including their pain and struggles, we wouldn’t have to see so many innocent people hurt.

I don’t know. I’m just thinking out loud here because my heart just hurts…and yes, my thoughts AND prayers are with the people of Texas (and Vegas and….) as they grieve the loss of loved ones gone too soon at the hands of someone that was so mentally unstable that he felt the need to do what he did.

I close with this and even though I’ve used it before, I use it again:

“Love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34)

It all starts with love. Remember that.

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