Pay Attention – CISPA Affects You!

Video Cameras Lisa Sullivan

A bit of an introduction – those that know me also know that I dislike talking politics for the simple reason of the MESSY discussions that tend to take place surrounding the topic. This is not so much a political piece as it is meant to be informational. Every single United States citizen needs to … Continue reading

Question – What is Happening to Our Society?

Nativity Lisa Sullivan

First, let me say, I loathe politics mainly because though I exercise my right to vote, I don’t trust our system or the people in it, so I don’t like talking about it. However, this is probably the most political post I will ever right and really once you read the whole thing, it’s not … Continue reading

‘Big Brother’, Privacy, and Drawing the Line

This post stems from an article I read today via my local NBC station’s Facebook Page. The headline alone should spark interest – “Government Agencies, Colleges Demand Applicants’ Facebook Passwords” Yes, you read that right and I assume your reaction is the same as mine was… say what??! First off, I have long since had … Continue reading

Proud To Be An American

Every time I hear the lyrics of the song sung by Lee Greenwood each Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and every other occasion that arises when it’s played, I salute, I cry, and I smile. And Iโ€™m proud to be an American, where at least I know Iโ€™m free. And I wont forget … Continue reading

Congressman Bob Etheridge Was He Wrong?

Yes he was….but so were the students participating in a “project”. By now you have probably seen this video that’s gone viral: It’s on many of our local news outlets, including the BEST local paper this side of the Mississippi River (ok, that might be stretching it), the Garner Citizen.ย  I’ve seen Tweets about it, … Continue reading

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