The World vs NCAA March Madness

Iraq. Afghanistan. Libya. The Middle East and North Africa (in general). Earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan causing mass destruction, taking countless lives in their path, and spawning tsunamis and nuclear disasters.  Then, there’s March Madness.

My heart aches for the world today.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and I’m recognizing the immense gratefulness I feel for all the many blessings I have received and this causes me to further recognize all that is happening across our vast planet, I don’t know.  But, man.  My heart just aches.

We have soldiers involved in two separate wars – the one on terror (Iraq and Afghanistan) and the most recent one taking place in Libya, though not quite a “war” in it’s true sense…yet.  Add to that the forces of nature that have reared their ugly heads in the countries of New Zealand and Japan recently.  Our world is hurting and my heart is breaking all at the same time.

In the midst of all this is March Madness.  While I am all for an outlet that reminds us of the good in life, sometimes I think that outlet becomes more of a distraction and that’s what I’m against – the distraction.  Perhaps if the NCAA were sending 10% of proceeds from ticket sales for all those “Mad” games to the Red Cross or some other organization benefiting our counterparts in New Zealand or Japan or even better – splitting the proceeds between help for those affected by the disasters and supporting the families of our soldiers deployed to war zones, THEN I might change my tune.

And maybe I’m just pushing the envelope here but come on – doesn’t the NCAA (or any sports team quite frankly) make enough money that they can afford to give some of it to charity, especially in times like these.  Why not?  Heart before hand is sure to win over hand only.

Lemonade StandLemonade Stand  – image from Inspiration DC on Flickr

I am so proud of my good friend Ilina Ewen and her family this past weekend as they sold lemonade to benefit those hurting in Japan.  I’m further proud of my friend Zach Ward and the comedy club he founded, DSI Comedy in Carrboro, North Carolina for donating 50% of ALL ticket sales to each of their shows this past weekend to relief efforts in Japan, including allowing the audience to vote on which charity will receive the donations.  Last year, our Tweet Divas supported Haitian relief efforts and this year, I’m considering supporting a local organization that’s assisting Japanese efforts just the same.

I am also proud of all my family members & friends who are serving in our armed forces for the freedoms I get to enjoy.  Next weekend, one of my closest friends from high school is embarking on his last tour of duty as he and his regiment head to Afghanistan for another year of fighting over there.  God bless him, them, and their families who support them each and every day.

See what I mean?  March Madness just isn’t that important in the grand scheme.  I get that it’s an outlet but please don’t let it distract you from what’s MORE important.  Give to a worthy cause that’s working to heal this world.  Whether you give $10 or $10,000 dollars, just give.  If you’re reading this, chances are you have a little somethin’ you can put to a cause of your choice.

Don’t let March Madness win over the world.  Enjoy it but remember humanity needs you.  What will YOU do to meet that need?

My two cents from my heart to yours today.

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