Charice – My New Obsession

But in a GOOD way.  🙂

While I realize my last post and this one are all things “pop culture” sometimes after a long week, that’s about all I can muster out.  So, please bear with me.

Here is a young lady with this booming voice, vibrant personality,  incredible stage presence, and she’s not even 18 yet.  I was blown away when I heard her on Regis & Kelly so I searched the interwebs for more.  Little did I know, You Tube is responsible for (well, more like a factor in) her fast-climb to stardom.  Am I surprised? No.

Seriously, though, I must’ve watched this video ten plus times and with each viewing, I tear up like a baby:

Charice is a dy-na-mo on stage.  She sings with such passion, such conviction, that I can’t help but fall in love with her.

Add to that her story – one of a young girl under the age of four who witnesses her father brutally beating her mother causing a profound change in her life where only a few short years later she sings in numerous contests (& wins many) to help provide for her family.  She becomes a You Tube sensation, Ellen DeGeneres brings her to the US, from there it’s on to Oprah and David Foster, and the rest (as cliche as this is) is truly history.

Singing sensation Charice Pempengco

Charice (courtesy of XKG Media)

Charice has this amazing gift from God.  At only 5’1″ she’s got a diaphragm that most struggling singers envy, a gift for performance, & this incredibly beautiful happy-go-lucky smile that makes everyone else melt.  This girl is not only blessed and knows it, but is extremely grateful for the ride she has been on thus far.

Hold on, Charice, the ride’s about to get MUCH more exciting!

What do you think?

If you haven’t already, turn up the volume, watch & listen.  Oh and make sure you have the kleenex nearby.  This particular song & performance will cause you to shed a tear.

Charice is social too!

Check her out on Twitter at – and “like” her on Facebook at –

Thanks Ellen & Oprah for bringing this young lady to our musical scene.  Can’t wait to see how her career unfolds!

For more on her story, check out this post by XKG Media – “Charice Pempengco: You Tube Singing Sensation”.

Image courtesy of : XKG Media

41 Responses to “Charice – My New Obsession”
  1. X.H. says:

    Love Charice, and Phil – an amazing writer who can capture feeling EXACTLY.

  2. x.h says:

    Is it sad that I prefer Karmin over Charice?

  3. nokia1200 says:

    The reason why I love Charice is because she’s “imperfect” to the “world” and so-called attention-seekers. Most of them didn’t noticed the aura that emanates from her inner personality; what more if she started to sing.

    Kudos to your wonderful blog on Charice and wish you all the best….

  4. juli says:

    Hi Lisa! Here’s Charice’s latest video singing impromptu and live Beyonce’s Halo during her interview with the Rolling Stones/US Weekly Magazine. No mic, yet she sings like she has a built -in amplifier/speakers/boom box! She sings, adlibs and jokes around without skipping a beat! Watch and be blown away….

  5. jimfan155 says:

    Hi Lisa. I just found this video on YouTube that you may or may not have seen yet. Charice has touched the heart of the biggest stars. btw, her first solo concert in the US occurred in Massachusettes at a place called the “Big E” at the Comcast Arena on 9-18-09 in West Springfield. Anyway, here’s the link:

  6. gopi-1 says:

    Thanks for the great shout out for Charice Lisa! Oh btw, this is how I got hooked on Charice

    As a 12 year old:

    She was 14 here and still unknown, just practicing:

    • lasullivan says:

      Gopi…I can’t thank YOU enough for posting these two vids, two solid performances & continued proof that that girl has quite the God-given talent. WOW. Once again, mesmerized. And I usually don’t watch videos that are over 3 minutes in length too. 🙂 Thank you!

      Smiles… 😉

  7. kenshin says:

    what really separates Charice from other artist (old and up coming) is that no matter where she performed, rather it be a simple house gathering, TV/Radio guesting, mall shows and even in a grand concert stage, she always give her best, it doesn’t matter how small or how big the stage is, she will do the best for what she loves most, SINGING, and she gave so much passion to what she does that can hook you up.
    she has this CHArisma on stage that would want you ask for more… and then more

    btw, thanks for your post

    • lasullivan says:

      Kenshin…you are welcome for the post! 🙂

      Charice no doubt has the talent, the grace on stage, and the gratefulness to boot! But, I will say there are other artists that exemplify the same – Carrie and Celine to name just a couple. Both so humbled and grateful for their talent, to God, and to the fans. It’s a beautiful thing to see from them and from Charice.

      Thanks for your comment!

      Smiles… 😉

  8. heuge says:

    I watched the video you posted and keep on playing it yet i cant stop myself crying with joy! wow!

    • lasullivan says:

      Yep. That’s the consensus. I still ball like a baby every time I watch it. Note to God is a beautiful song only enhanced by Charice’s very beautiful voice.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Smiiles… 😉

  9. Mona Calderon says:

    My obsession with Charice started when she first performed at Star King in Korea. Since then, you can say I’ve been glued to my computer everyday, looking for videos of her. I am not a computer savvy but because of her I got into you tube, twitter & facebook. I am over 50 and I’ve never been addicted to an artist this way until Charice came. I’ve also met her twice and she’s very down to earth, very sweet well grounded girl (kudos to her Mom!) I don’t think there’s any cure for this chaddiction, lol!

    • lasullivan says:

      Hey Mona…don’t apologize for being “over 50” and having “never been addicted to an artist this way”. I’m 40. And I’m addicted to GOOD music and amazing singers. My favorites are – Carrie, Celine, Barbara, Michael Buble, several others, and now Charice. Enjoying good music is worth every moment we spend at it as far as I’m concerned.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Smiles… 😉

  10. jimfan155 says:

    Welcome to Chasterville. Beware, because when you enter you can never go back. You will most likely run out of goosebumps within a month. You will discover the primary reason for sleep deprivation. You will kick yourself for not investing in Kleenex. Your household chores and daily routine will be turned upside down. Hop on, sit back and enjoy the ride. Welcome aboard Lisa. We need more like you.

  11. dubidu says:

    your not the only one a lot of us are chaddicted obsessed can get crazy sometimes to defend her from haters the worst thing i had done for charice was i called in sick at work for 3 days just to watched her videos and still didn’t get enough of her till now, not only she is talented she is such an inspiration to all young and old her perseverance hardwork with faith and her confidence to face every challengers come her way is so amirable at her age she is brave and another think i like about her is she is friendly full of life joyful and comfortable whoever she is with and best of all she loves her mother so much she is definitely a role model for younger generation very rare you find someone like charice now a days as a teenager

    • lasullivan says:

      Now don’t be skipping any more work, Dubidu. 🙂 When I read comments like yours about her amazing talent & the example she sets, that in and of itself is a beautiful thing. She’s empowering. Her gift is empowering. Continue to be blessed by that.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Smiles… 😉

  12. artemis gibran says:

    SHe is INCREDIBLE. She is also SCARY. SHe should be the CLOSER of every show she is in to or else, other artists would be sooo scared to sing after her. Only Josh Groban can follow her lead.

    SHe is also an OLD SOUL. She speaks humbly and gently. A sage is living inside that little body. LIsten to her as she speaks and sings and you will be inspired and be driven to live your life full of HOPE, DREAMS and above all LOVE.

    She is a good model for this generation (young and old).


    • lasullivan says:

      Artemis…she is absolutely incredible. Patti LaBelle is not kidding when she says she will be a HUGE star. Don’t worry. Charice will soon be headlining her own tour. For now, she gets to sing with some of her favorites and it’s so fun to watch her get all giddy with excitement as she does. That girl is blessed & she is so very grateful for that.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Smiles… 😉

  13. antnoy says:

    Hi Lisa, im glad you found Charice 🙂 You might wanna try these links too if you want to know more about her lifestory (SNN interview) and

    • lasullivan says:

      Oh my…Antnoy…just watched that SNN Part 6 cut…again, more tears. The cruelty of people. God has truly blessed Charice! Amen to that.

      Smiles… 😉

  14. juli says:

    Welcome to the Chaster’s world! Once your “chaddicted” there’s no easy way out. She is so addicting that you won’t realize that you have been “you-tubing” her the whole day, or that you haven’t slept well for days just trying to look for new videos of her. Been chaddicted for four years… still am… LOL!

    The Video that started it all :

    And what the stars themselves say:

    • lasullivan says:

      Juli…I hadn’t seen the video that started it all and my goodness…once again, brought me to tears. Thank you for that link and the one with what the celebs think too. Good stuff!

      Smiles… 😉

  15. Em. Mary Rose says:

    Hi! I love this performance! SOmebody took the clear copy down but this is all for now:

    Redlasso has the quality version of it though:

    Love your blog, Lisa!!

    • lasullivan says:

      Em. Mary…thank you! My blog is a hodge-podge of STUFF really but this weekend, I had to give kudos to the gift that is Charice.

      And thank you for the You Tube performance of Pyramid on Good Day NY too. Yep, loved it!

      Smiles… 😉

  16. charicepost says:

    I been chasing her for almost 4 years already… everyday I get online to check some new videos… Oh my God!
    The first time I knew her, I couldnt sleep well for a week, asking myself “She’s really gonna be huge?” Even if I lie to myself that no, she will not make in the global scene, but still everyday i’m chasing new videos, craving to hear more of her… Then I told myself YES SHE WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST SUPERSTARS WE HAVE! She is so powerful that her presence hunts me to look for her…
    I tried finding a cure to my addiction but none,,, no doctor for Chaddiction yet… i hope soon there will be, lol
    All I could do now is accept that she is now part of my daily life,,, I’m happy that i’ve known her in this generation,, shes gonna be one of the greatest story ever… I’m excited to see more of her next chapters

    • lasullivan says:

      Charicepost…I totally get it. I guess when a person is so appreciated of the talent of another, that person only wants the other to be successful and to continue to be successful. It’s hard not to.

      Thank you for your comment. Smiles! 😉

  17. Marina Del Rey says:

    Thanks for this beautiful piece you did on Charice! You are right about the kleenex, when I started youtubing her i did shed some tears & got trapped, hahaha! My favorite is the Adagio performance in Italy, see below.

    • lasullivan says:

      Marina…you are so welcome but thank YOU for posting the video. Geeeze…GOOSEBUMPS! I can’t understand a word of it but just over 3 minutes in makes it most definitely worth watching. Wow.

      Smiles… 😉

  18. enzo says:

    i became obsessed with charice way back 2008 during her appearance on ellen and star king it didn’t stop there, i follow her on twitter, facebook, her official site, youtube and her fan sites and fans as well.

    • lasullivan says:

      Enzo…funny. It seems as though that’s the sentiment from many. Once you hear her, you just want to stay in the loop so you don’t miss anything! I subscribed to her You Tube Channel, follow her on Twitter,and I “like” her on Facebook as well.

      Enjoy the ride! Smiles… 😉

  19. FlipOneUp says:

    Lisa, what’s a geeky, software consultant like myself — who’ve appreciated classical music more than any other music genre his entire adult life — doing on a site like yours reading an article about Charice?

    Your prose provided the answer. Ellen and Oprah and David Foster, like you and many others, must have seen and realized that Charice is really gifted.

    Better still, to paraphrase a judge in an Italian singing contest where Charice performed as a guest, God didn’t simply give her gifts — she IS God’s gift.

    Lea Salonga, the Tony and Sir Lawrence Olivier award-winning Filipina of the “Miss Saigon” fame, said in an interview that “the world would be stupid to ignore her”.

    The gifts, talent, great natural instincts, discipline, resolve, the vicissitudes and story of her young life, all combine to create someone really special. And, last but not least, the single mother who loves, nurtures, encourages, and spends long hours with her as she tries to hone her gifts each day.

    It is really, truly a great story.

    • lasullivan says:

      Flip…absolutely! And you said it just as eloquently. She IS a gift! We can all only pray for her continued success & be so grateful to God for bringing her to us too. Thank you for commenting!

      Smiles! 😉

  20. justcharrie says:

    I am too!

  21. JaneyS says:

    Love this! Love her! Thanks for writing this, good to know other people touched by her just like me. I recommend this to you too: Charice’s Life Story on youtube with english subtitles. It has 6 parts and is uploaded by a Charice fan Webscribes. Just get your Kleenex ready for these too, LOL!

  22. Jianee says:

    Yes, Charice makes us obsessed. We luv her much! Im a fan for life!

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