Michael Jackson Remembered

Michael Jackson doing what he did best.

I cannot believe a year has passed since his untimely death.  I had a long week at work and wasn’t going to blog today but after catching up with some of the Oprah episodes I DVR’d this week, I felt inspired.

On Thursday, Oprah dedicated her show – The Michael Jackson Interview: Oprah Reflects –  to a replay from early September 09 of a show that was filled with her own memories & impressions from a 1993 interview she had with the King of Pop.  Being that it is a year since Michael Jackson passed away, I recorded this show because I had a feeling if there was anyone that was going to do that memory right (as right as one in the media industry can anyway), she would…and I was right.  With a breakfast burrito, a cup of coffee, my cat on my lap, and my dog just below my feet, I sat on my couch glued to the television mesmerized by the memories themselves and still completely in awe of his talent.

Last year, I wrote a blog post about three of the celebrity deaths that occurred all in the same week – Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael’s.  I was so very sad that I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that some of my childhood icons had left this world all at once and I wrote a blog post about all three.  Today I concentrate on just Michael (thanks to that Oprah show).

Last year, I wrote this –

Of course, MJ didn’t come without controversy and personal baggage either. Truth be told, will we ever really know the truth behind the man? Most likely not and despite his legal issues, his personal issues, he was also a man that truly cared about the world’s children. (from the post “Memories From a 70s Child and an 80s Teen”)

I had forgotten about Oprah’s coveted interview with the man himself in mid-1993 so as I watched it this morning, I found myself revisiting this quote.  No, we will never really know the truth behind the man but thanks to Oprah, we got a real glimpse into who he was and, I think, some of those truths in question.

Putting all the media attention aside, Michael Jackson was just a man who never really experienced a real childhood, who grew up in a complex and often sad environment, and who had a talent so incredibly unique that it not only consumed who he was but who everyone thought he should be.  The entire time I watched Oprah and Michael interact, I kept shaking my head and thinking how sad he really was and so very thankful he surrounded himself with true friends & family that loved him for who he was.  People like Elizabeth Taylor (who was also in that interview, btw), his sister Janet, even his former girlfiend, Brooke Shields.  Michael was surrounded by love even if he didn’t feel worthy of being loved.

The last thing Oprah asked him was what he wanted out of life and his answer was just to be loved (for his talent, his artistry, for just being him).  My goodness.

And you know what – there are many, many people today who are going through that same struggle and we as a society tend to…I don’t want to say forget…but perhaps ignore is the better word…that they are.  Why?  Why do we let people go through this world not understanding their value, their worth, their worthiness to be loved?

Even as I write this, I have tears in my eyes.  I know exactly how that feels.  I no longer feel that way about myself, but I did once.  I am very blessed and very thankful to have had the journey I have had that has brought me to this place of self-worth, self-love.  I don’t know if Michael Jackson ever found that or not in this life, but I think it’s safe to say he has found it where he is now.

For me, Michael Jackson will forever remain a talented generous misunderstood man that truly was Gone Too Soon.

May he continue to Rest In Peace.

Image of Michael Jackson courtesy of: http://weblogs.cltv.com/news/local/chicago/michael_jackson.jpg


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