Life (Still) in Quarantine: What I Pray For


The following is written from the heart of a Believer who puts complete trust and faith in God as she navigates this crisis along with her “other” crisis that was already in play – unemployment. This comes from strong faith and she prays that’s what you see when you read it. Nothing more; nothing less. … Continue reading

Life in Quarantine: What I Miss

Falls Lake 2020

Everything. I miss everything. Not going to lie here. Seriously, we are in week 2 officially, but I feel like ever since I made the decision to self-quarantine before it was mandated, I’ve been cooped up at home now for almost 4 weeks. I know I haven’t physically been to a church service since March … Continue reading

Putting Stock into My Financial Health – Retirement and Emergency Funds

Life lessons: learning the hard way the importance of retirement savings and emergency funds. We need them. Learn more here.

LIVE Music in the Triangle: Real Hope Worship C3 Church

LIVE Music in the Triangle brings us this week to Real Hope Worship, the worship team at C3 Church in Clayton, NC. Perfect way to start this Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday!

The Best Thing About Self Quarantine – the Slow Down

Image above copyright 2020, Lisa Sullivan. All Rights Reserved. I sure hope you’re feeling it. Let me just say, well yes, shutting down business for a period of time is no good for any economy. Absolutely. And Lord knows (literally) I’m praying daily for relief to bring us back to some normalcy (as I’ve said … Continue reading

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