One Last HOOORAY – A Tribute to American Idol Season 8

So…have we fully recovered from last night’s American Idol Finale results yet? I’m still shaking my head but I said my piece last night and I’ll leave it at that. Today, I was going to recap the entire show with this really in depth posting. Instead, I’m going to say my two cents and then share the most hilarious MTV clip – American Idol in 60 Seconds that I found while searching online this morning.

My two cents – I freakin’ LOVED last night’s Finale performances, even Steve Martin. I give props to the guy for writing a song and then playing the banjo to boot! Probably not a Grammy winner but who cares! The guy just showed all of America (and the world) that he has ANOTHER talent. Kudos to him!

Overall, I was just in awe of the acts that were invited to perform and with whom they were paired with. From Allison and Cindi to Danny and Lionel to Lil and Queen Latifa to Adam and KISS – just absolutely amazing. One of my favorite performances of the night had to be the very last duet of Adam and Kris fronting Queen with “We Are the Champions”. They sounded good and it was fitting for them as well as for the end of the season, in general.

As an 80’s girl, I can’t help but love that many of my 80’s favorites were there to sing along with my Idol faves. Even Rod Stewart…still not sure he was “all” there…but I loved him all those years ago and I still love that he’s performing. In my very humble opinion, last night’s show just ROCKED! I really enjoyed it and once again, I can’t wait until next year.

But before I go, if you haven’t seen this MTV 60-second thing yet, you have to. It’s perfect. So funny. So fun. A great tribute to the Finale. I would’ve embedded the video but it wasn’t working properly so just go to the link. It’s worth a minute of your time. It’ll make you chuckle a bit.


Lisa 🙂


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