Why Quintessential Feline?

Chalk it up to my friend, Wendee. She started her own Blog (http://bohemianadventures.blogspot.com) and I’ve become so addicted to it that I decided to jump on the ole bandwagon and create my own.

I’m a cat-lover. I have two very adorable, lovable little felines of my own. I wouldn’t say my life revolves around them but they are like my children. I often wonder ‘What on Earth are they thinking!’ when they look up at me from the living room floor where they have sprawled out so comfortably or upon entry into my home after a long day at the trenches and I can tell that one of them has come to greet me. Cats, yes, they are pets. But, they are so dang lovable!

So, when coming up with a name for my Blog, I thought since it’s purpose is to publish my random thoughts for all the world to see, I figured I would write my perspectives as if I’ve answered my own question – what on Earth ARE they thinking?

And that’s the story. Check back often for my own silent reveries. Maybe you’ll ask – what on Earth is SHE thinking?




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