Hard-Working Unemployed And Hopeful – Yes That Fits

This is about to be THE most personal blog post I’ve written in a while but I’m inspired to write today because of what I just experienced.  It confirms that while the economy is improving (albeit slowly), the dynamics of the job market haven’t really changed (which is also evidenced by the Bureau of Labor … Continue reading

My 2010 Blog in Review Provides Inspiration for 2011

Below is a copy of the summary that WordPress.com did on my Blog for 2010.  There was a link to share it here so I thought I would.  BUT, I’m taking it a step further to provide my own thoughts at the end of the summary.  So, don’t forget to read that too! 😉 The … Continue reading

Reflections of 2010

It’s a Thursday evening — New Year’s Eve eve to be exact — and I sit here reflecting on the year that was, realizing that A LOT has happened in a 12-month span of time.  Not that this is any different than any other year but for some reason this time of reflection seems extra … Continue reading

The 7Ps of Surviving Unemployment

In 2008 the banks began to crumble, the auto industry found themselves in hot water too, the political season ended on Election Day, and as a result of all of that, conventional advertising dollars, the primary source of media revenue, took a nose dive.  Despite every effort my company (Media General Inc / WNCN NBC … Continue reading

Navigating Unemployment Brings Unexpected Issues

And North Carolina’s Employment Security Commission would do well to hire a social media consultant because they desperately need one.  They also desperately need more money, unfortunately. Yesterday, my experience at the ESC was an eye-opener, to say the least.  I’m 40 years old and I’m not stupid by any stretch. But, I must say … Continue reading

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