Creating Balance in Social Networking

I counted. I have accounts with over 40 websites, most of which are social networks. Yet, I am currently really only active on 8 of them…and as I write this, even I think 8 is too many. Then, as I study what I do with each, well, 8 isn’t all that bad. So, today, I … Continue reading

I Have Not Disappeared – Just Been on Hiatus

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. Actually, since Scotty’s big win, I’ve enjoyed the Rapids Jam country music fest with VIP treatment mind you (Thanks, Billy!), had a video clip featured as part of a Father’s Day piece on Good Morning America, had a thought or two about Google+ even. My problem … Continue reading

THE Hashtag for My Quest to Work for Alicia Keys

Me Tweeting (courtesy of Camden Watts) So last night I was having dinner with some fabulous friends prior to a media-related event I was attending and one of them asked me if I had an “official” hashtag to mark my quest to be Alicia Keys’ Head Blogger. Nope.  Didn’t have one.  But, then we created … Continue reading

You Should Feel BLESSED at 40…or at ANY Age!

(Note: this was written on my last full day of my 40th Birthday celebration week.) I am just barely into my 40th year of life and as I sit at my beach house this morning, all I want to reflect on are the incredible blessings my life is full of.  I have difficulty finding the … Continue reading

Can Social Media Harm Your Job Search?

Yes and no.  This post stems from a Tweet yesterday by my local NBC affiliate and not because they Tweeted it.  Rather, because of its substance – Some employers are asking job candidates for their social media passwords First and foremost, that’s a complete invasion of privacy.  Period.  That should be the end of the … Continue reading

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