Social Networking: Who ARE You Online?

This post is actually inspired by this article in the Wall Street Journal where the author questions the idea of posting personal images to Facebook and whether that affects your professional persona. I don’t think that there’s an issue with that, to be honest. Be who you are online as you would be offline, is … Continue reading

Branch Out May Cause Me to Delete My “Friends”

Launched in July 2010, Branch Out, is a Facebook application that could be a game-changer for LinkedIn (Personally, I hope not.).  Today, I’ve seen several of my 500+ Facebook Friends install the application into their profiles and that concerns me. If you’ve been paying attention to my writings on social media through this blog, you … Continue reading

Social Vibe is Making a Difference – a BIG One

As far as I can tell anyway. Alright, so the other day I was playing around with my blog, updating the look of it, adding a couple of widgets to it, all that good stuff.  I came cross a widget called “social vibe”.  Now, you know me.  I’m all about making a difference in this … Continue reading

Why Haven’t I Canceled My Facebook Account…Yet

This is a follow up to my previous post about Facebook and privacy.  Call this one a “Part 2” if you will. The personal and professional advantages of having a Facebook account outweigh the disadvantages… for now.  Until I have blatant reason to delete my account, I’m not going to and I’ll tell you why.

Can Social Media Harm Your Job Search?

Yes and no.  This post stems from a Tweet yesterday by my local NBC affiliate and not because they Tweeted it.  Rather, because of its substance – Some employers are asking job candidates for their social media passwords First and foremost, that’s a complete invasion of privacy.  Period.  That should be the end of the … Continue reading

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