Searching for My Thought Leadership in My Passions

I’ve had this blog for quite some time as evidenced by the obscene amount of categories and sub-categories (a note to those you out there just starting out – just pick a few categories; not 37 million like I have).  Over the last two years, though, I have been writing more frequently, I haven’t really … Continue reading

Social Media Etiquette – When It’s OK to Join a Conversation

    This post stems from something that happened to me while I was conversing on Twitter this morning. Former colleague and friend of mine, Ginny Skalski, and I were holding a conversation about the theme of her company’s holiday party this year.  Specifically, we were half-joking, half-serious about how she should get ready for … Continue reading

Blogging is For What?

Relay for Life JoCo Luminaries

Kind of a rant.  Kind of not. This weekend, I had been reading through many of the Tweets from the Blog World and New Media Expo 2010, the UBER conference all things blogging that takes place in Las Vegas this time every year, and the conference I aim to someday attend.  Hello!  It IS a … Continue reading

Organ Donation and the Power of Social Media

I am a weeper.  I’ve admitted it before.  This isn’t the first time. All summer long I have been glued to my television taking in one particular show each Thursday night – ABC’s Boston Medical – and each time, I end up weeping.  Last Thursday, August 12th, was the final episode of the summer and it was … Continue reading

Where Does the Time Go?

Seriously. I’m so disappointed but at the same time, I’m not surprised either.  Finding that balance between when “work” ends and the FUN begins (when it comes to Social Media) has proven itself difficult. While I knew my last post was written in June and I had every intention of catching up here, I would … Continue reading

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