Job Searching For the Right Fit

Me as Volunteer Coordinator for Ignite Raleigh, Aug 09 Well, it’s Monday March 1st.  I just Tweeted and Facebooked (Is that a word?) about this very topic.  Simply stated, after being laid off nearly a year ago, I always said that if I did not find a position in the field in which I desired, … Continue reading

Being Tested

Harbor Town, Hilton Head SC. October 09. The normally positive, cheery, upbeat smiling Lisa Sullivan has had a TOUGH time being all that this week…and I don’t like it one bit! I am generally a positive person.  I have never made it a secret that it comes from my strong faith.  That is what gets … Continue reading

Can Social Media Harm Your Job Search?

Yes and no.  This post stems from a Tweet yesterday by my local NBC affiliate and not because they Tweeted it.  Rather, because of its substance – Some employers are asking job candidates for their social media passwords First and foremost, that’s a complete invasion of privacy.  Period.  That should be the end of the … Continue reading

Tips for Job Searching in the Digital Age

Most people know that I have been on the hunt for “just the right position” since the beginning of April. What I mean by that is simply that I refuse to settle for the sake of just needing a job. I have said since Day One of my lay off in March that I would … Continue reading

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