My Opinion on Branch Out for Facebook Has Changed…Slightly

Wow. I’m truly floored by all the views and comments from my blog post on this subject back in January of 2011. Apparently, the subject of professional networking sites on Facebook and their privacy is still a hot button a year later. I’ve been asked to update my thoughts on the Branch Out application specifically … Continue reading

Creating Balance in Social Networking

I counted. I have accounts with over 40 websites, most of which are social networks. Yet, I am currently really only active on 8 of them…and as I write this, even I think 8 is too many. Then, as I study what I do with each, well, 8 isn’t all that bad. So, today, I … Continue reading

Professional Networking Applications DO NOT BELONG on Facebook

There. I said it. Whew. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I can’t be. There are now over 800 million people on the platform.  I’ll bet there are a few additional folks like myself that see it the way I do.  Here are my top 3 reasons why – Reason … Continue reading

I Have Not Disappeared – Just Been on Hiatus

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. Actually, since Scotty’s big win, I’ve enjoyed the Rapids Jam country music fest with VIP treatment mind you (Thanks, Billy!), had a video clip featured as part of a Father’s Day piece on Good Morning America, had a thought or two about Google+ even. My problem … Continue reading

Branch Out May Cause Me to Delete My “Friends”

Launched in July 2010, Branch Out, is a Facebook application that could be a game-changer for LinkedIn (Personally, I hope not.).  Today, I’ve seen several of my 500+ Facebook Friends install the application into their profiles and that concerns me. If you’ve been paying attention to my writings on social media through this blog, you … Continue reading

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