Even in Tragedy We Can Find Peace – Thoughts From a Former Media Girl

I say that as if I am a trained journalist. I’m still working in media of a different kind, but no I wasn’t a reporter. I just didn’t quite know how to explain exactly what I did in two words, but I will now. One of my most favorite jobs throughout my career was when … Continue reading

50 Years Later – Why Isn’t Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Dream” Realized?

Lunenburg HIgh School 87 Yearbook Lisa Sullivan

Image above is of my Lunenburg High School Class of ’87 Yearbook – The Echo. While I fully realize we’re over the 50-year mark since Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his most poignant speech in all of history, this question comes today because as I type…right now…my hometown, specifically my alma mater, Lunenburg High School,  … Continue reading

My Heart Breaks for the Pet Population

Lisa Sullivan Blackie Lucy July 2013

Image of Blackie and Lucy Sullivan courtesy of Yours Truly. All Rights Reserved. Was trying to come up with a super fantastic well-worded (keyworded) title for this post but scratched the idea for simple and to the point…because really my heart just breaks for our North Carolina pets. Notice I didn’t say “Triangle” pets. This … Continue reading

Pay Attention – CISPA Affects You!

Video Cameras Lisa Sullivan

A bit of an introduction – those that know me also know that I dislike talking politics for the simple reason of the MESSY discussions that tend to take place surrounding the topic. This is not so much a political piece as it is meant to be informational. Every single United States citizen needs to … Continue reading

Trying to Make Sense of the Senseless

Anybody else having trouble concentrating today? I was fine this morning. I had something to distract me. I taught a class on (of all things) video marketing – how to effectively use video and YouTube to build your real estate business. All the while every major news channel was covering the tragedy in Colorado. I’m … Continue reading

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