Life in Quarantine: What I Miss

Falls Lake 2020

Everything. I miss everything. Not going to lie here. Seriously, we are in week 2 officially, but I feel like ever since I made the decision to self-quarantine before it was mandated, I’ve been cooped up at home now for almost 4 weeks. I know I haven’t physically been to a church service since March … Continue reading

Experience Peace When Life Throws You the Biggest Curve Ball

(Featured image by Yours Truly, Copyright 2013) I thought I’d entitle this post in the spirit of the baseball season considering it’s my second post in forever, and the season recenly ended. How apropos, right?! Seriously, in 2016 the biggest curve ball of my life was thrown at me and I handled it like a … Continue reading

Finding My Bliss – Experiencing the True Meaning of Christmas This Season

A note about the image above – I realize it does not represent the “true meaning” of the season, but it’s one my favorite pictures I took at the Raleigh Christmas Parade and since that makes this post, that’s why it’s the featured image. Bear with me and read on. 🙂 For me, the Christmas … Continue reading

No Blogging for a Month? WHAT?

Image of Lake Pennesseewassee in Norway, Maine by Lisa Sullivan. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. Seriously, y’all. That is not like me. I typically blog at least once a month…and that sucks. I know. Rectifying that soon too. Here’s the deal. As a digital marketer, social media butterfly, whatever you want to call me by … Continue reading

The Beauty of Friendship

Last Monday evening I had the pleasure of spending some serious q-time with my best gal pals and it got me thinking about how we all met, how our friendship has lasted through the years, and why.  I think the answer deserves its own blog post. On a sunny summer morning in July of 2007, … Continue reading

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