Life in Quarantine: What I Miss

Falls Lake 2020

Everything. I miss everything. Not going to lie here. Seriously, we are in week 2 officially, but I feel like ever since I made the decision to self-quarantine before it was mandated, I’ve been cooped up at home now for almost 4 weeks. I know I haven’t physically been to a church service since March … Continue reading

Life in Quarantine Brings Blessings Through My “Detour”

COVID-19 has got us social distancing. I’m in the middle of a “Detour within a Detour”. Here’s how I’m coping.

Experience Peace When Life Throws You the Biggest Curve Ball

(Featured image by Yours Truly, Copyright 2013) I thought I’d entitle this post in the spirit of the baseball season considering it’s my second post in forever, and the season recenly ended. How apropos, right?! Seriously, in 2016 the biggest curve ball of my life was thrown at me and I handled it like a … Continue reading

Y.O.L.O – Take a Vacation With Your Parents

South Florida Coast Lisa Sullivan All Rights Reserved

Image above is of the South Florida Coastline crossing the bypass to Gasparilla Island by Yours Truly. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved. Maybe it’s because I’m mid-way through my 40s (mid-way through 45 to be exact!). Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. Maybe it’s because my parents are getting older. Maybe it’s because I’ve learned … Continue reading

The Second Most Important Element of Christmas – Family

A personal reflection of what Christmas really means to me – faith AND family – and how important it is to take the time for both during the season.

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