There is Hope At Christmastime

Nativity Lisa Sullivan

It’s December 19th, a Wednesday evening, and I sit here five days after one of the most horrific events on American soil this year (if not THE most; there’s still some debate about that) . I think I’ve cried at least once everyday since it happened, usually in the morning; sometimes when I see or … Continue reading

My Opinion on Branch Out for Facebook Has Changed…Slightly

Wow. I’m truly floored by all the views and comments from my blog post on this subject back in January of 2011. Apparently, the subject of professional networking sites on Facebook and their privacy is still a hot button a year later. I’ve been asked to update my thoughts on the Branch Out application specifically … Continue reading

‘Big Brother’, Privacy, and Drawing the Line

This post stems from an article I read today via my local NBC station’s Facebook Page. The headline alone should spark interest – “Government Agencies, Colleges Demand Applicants’ Facebook Passwords” Yes, you read that right and I assume your reaction is the same as mine was… say what??! First off, I have long since had … Continue reading

Aspirations for 2012 for This Carolina Girl

Parade Home in Apex NC 2010

In my last post I reflected on the GREAT year that was in my life – 2011. I honestly can’t fathom how 2012 can top that unless… I actually meet Scotty McCreery…which being from the same town & running many of the same circles (to some extent) you’d have thought that would’ve already happened but … Continue reading

Blog Action Day 2011: I Feel Blessed – I’m Not Hungry

Today is Blog Action Day 2011. The theme is “Food” as it coincides with World Food Day. For the first time ever, I’m participating because though broad, the subject of fighting hunger is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I feel blessed because I am not hungry. Each week I make … Continue reading

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