Brain Dumping and Hope in the Future

It’s Monday night after a long holiday weekend. I sit here on my balcony watching the sunset as a nice evening breeze flows through every now and then, and I find myself contemplating so much that I feel the need to process it through this blog. That’s what I do when I have so much on my mind – I process it in my writing, and then I publish it because maybe just maybe somewhere out there what I have to share resonates with someone going through something similar or just touches them in a way that helps.

Nearly one week ago, I was hit by a car while riding my bike in my new city. I moved, by the way. I know I haven’t written about that yet, but I will soon. But yeah, I was hit.

It was a freak accident and I walked away with just a significant amount of bruising, cuts, and pain in those areas. No broken bones. No internal bleeding. Nothing like that, but I assure you the hit was hard. I landed on the hood of a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee and slid on the pavement as I fell back to the ground while the bike slid partially under the vehicle.

For most people, when they hear the detail, their reaction is, “How scary for you!” or “It could have been so much worse.” Yeah, I suppose it was scary and yeah, it absolutely could’ve been so much worse, but for me, my reaction is, How BLESSED am I that God wanted to keep me around longer? Seriously.

I know I’ve already turned a few people off with that thought process and well, OK. Nothing I can do about that. For others that get it, they’re right there shaking their heads in agreement.

“I absolutely 100% believe He was right there with me on impact and because He was, I had no fear. None.”

For the last few years, my faith has grown exponentially. God IS my center. He IS my rock. Everything else is secondary. What this means is I have spent and continue to spend so much time getting to know Him and building a relationship with Him, that this relationship has changed me, I know for the better. So, I absolutely 100% believe He was right there with me on impact and because He was, I had no fear. None.

Tonight, I sit here thinking about what that means. For me, it means hope and blessing and peace and joy. For some of my friends, it’s the same. For others, they don’t know how to take me anymore, and I get it. The fun-loving, Karaoke singing, music-following, Lisa they knew just a few years ago is not the same. Well, I’m not. I’m a better version of me! (And I still like those things, by the way; they’re just not priority). But I’m finding that some of those same people shy away, or maybe they’re drifting away, from me because of my faith. I suppose that makes sense. Yet, as the still fun-loving, I love everyone, me that I am, it saddens me. However, as a good friend said to me this past weekend, maybe it’s those people that were only meant to be in my life for a season. Maybe. Still, it saddens me.

I just went on a tangent and lost my train of thought for a second. Let me pick it back up.

The overall point is, I know God was with me in that moment and I know there is something more I’m supposed to do in this world before He brings me home, and THAT’s the reason for my hope and my peace after this accident.

I have only a few people in my life who get this and it’s those people, I am incredibly thankful for their friendship and support always, but especially the last few days.

Then, I think about how blessed I am to have the job that I have (that’s another new development since I last wrote – more on that soon too). THE MOMENT I reached out to the President of my company to let her know I was injured and needed a morning to recover, she responded with a directive to take the next two days off (along with the upcoming long holiday weekend) and rest as much as possible. That was followed by messages from our CEO, my colleagues, and even a vase of flowers delivered the next day. I can’t express how much that kind of support meant to me, how it means to me. I am blessed to work with the team at WEVO Conversion, and extremely thankful to God for bringing me through nearly 17 months of unemployment to get there.

So, SO MUCH on my mind – the accident, the hope I have, friendships (and those that have moved on), the blessing of a great company to work for, and the future I know I have to look forward to, the difference I still have yet to make, the people I have yet to meet, and the love I have yet to find. All of it.

I can’t explain it, really, but I just feel BEYOND blessed. I can’t wait to see where God is taking me. After everything I have dealt with the last few years, there is more to come. I know it!

So, yeah, this may be a brain dump of sorts and if you’ve read this far, bless you! 😊 Seriously, I appreciate you reading my diatribe on what it means for me to be “#gratefulthankfulblessed” (a common hashtag used today). I hope it resonated for you and if you find that it would help someone else, please pass this on. And I promise, next time, I’ll fill you in on all the rest. 😉


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