Adventure 2021: Yoga, the Beach, and Friends

I wanted more adventure in 2021, right? Well, about 4 weeks ago I decided I’d turn a one-day yoga retreat into a weekend stay on the beach at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. I made it an adventure!

Let’s face it, it was early February and at the time, I was still facing an uncertain future. But after dealing with the pandemic of 2020 (and all that it came with for me), I was in need of a break. So, I searched online and found not only a great deal at a beachside resort, but a great friend to come along with me!

Carrie, Leslie, and I at the Fish House

On Saturday, February 20th, my friend Leslie, and I made our way from the Triangle to Wrightsville. We enjoyed a lovely lunch on the pier at the Oceanic restaurant, and then headed off to our resort where we checked in and gazed at the sunset from our private deck. Later, we joined my dear friend, Carrie for dinner that turned into celebrations.

Leslie and I both accepted new jobs and were starting within a couple of weeks! After a LONG search for me and an unexpected gift for her, we deserved to celebrate. So, it was dinner at the Fish House Grill along the Intercoastal Waterway in Wrightsville Beach. Lots of laughter, stories, and just a good ole time with the girls to end the day.

On Sunday, it was time for Yoga, craft beer, wine and cheese, and sights and sounds of Historic Downtown Wilmington.

Getting my yoga on at Edward Teach Brewing

Lauren Rosella Fitness organized this “retreat” in conjunction with Edward Teach Brewing and The Cheese Board. A one-hour fantastic yoga sesh followed by a craft brew at Edward Teach and then it was off to The Cheese Board to sample the cheeses and wines there as well. Leslie and I continued our stroll through Wilmington shops, stopped at Ironclad Brewing for a flight, and  Slice of Life pizza for dinner. A FABULOUS day all around and so needed!

Monday morning, we took our time getting ready and enjoyed a delicious HEALTHY smoothie from Adapt Kitchen and Juice Bar (a MUST stop when you’re in Wrightsville Beach) as we headed to Wilmington. She graciously toured a couple of apartment complexes with me (for my future move that I’m manifesting – more on that in a future post!) and then we grabbed a sushi lunch at Jay’s in Goldsboro on the way back.

A different kind of “adventure” that weekend was, but one nonetheless! Thoroughly enjoyed getting away even for a short while, the company and friendship, the yoga and beverages, all of it. Lauren is planning another retreat for May. Stay tuned to the Lauren Rosella Fitness website for info and dates.

Everyone deserves a little adventure in their lives – short or long, outdoors or in, beach or mountains, with friends or on their own. Plan today for your next one. Life is too short not to enjoy the ride, or as I like to say, the adventure!


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