Adventure 2021: A Day at Medoc Mountain State Park

My Bestie, Candace and I at Medoc Mountain State Park, Jan 2021.

I alluded to my desire for more adventure in 2021 in a recent blog post. What that means – well, it could be anything. It could be a road trip 6-8 hours away from my home in The Triangle region of North Carolina or a 4-hour excursion to a North Carolina winery I haven’t tried or an overnight at a destination yet discovered or, in this case, a day trip to one of North Carolina’s beautiful state parks.

On Monday, January 18th, my Bestie and I took to the trails at Medoc Mountain State Park in Hollister, NC. Just a 30-minute drive from her home in Rocky Mount, Candace and I set out to explore a trail we hadn’t yet. It was a cool, but sunny winter Monday. The perfect day for a hike!

We arrived around 11:30am and set off on the Bluff Loop Trail that meanders along Little Fishing Creek. Crossing wooden bridges partially covered in mud from previous rains and climbing stairways up and down, the trail runs approximately 3.4 miles long. It’s a short one by our standards as we typically hike closer to double that terrain, but on that particular day we only had so much time.

Medoc Mountain offers so many different opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. From hiking and mountain biking trails to bridle trails to camping (both group and individual), it’s this little state park that is quickly becoming one of my favorites to visit.

Candace and I thoroughly enjoyed our hike that day. We even stopped to take pictures along the path and even a few on top of a fallen tree. Nothing like a little mini-photo shoot in the woods to make it fun and feel special!

Medoc was the first hike of 2021 for me. Can’t wait for the next one!

If you’ve got ideas of parks I should put on the list, please leave a comment below. Would love to hear what some of your favorite trails are!


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