Only with Faith in Him Can a Mountain Be Moved

First Baptist Church Garner by Lisa Sullivan All Rights Reserved

Image of First Baptist Church of Garner by Lisa Sullivan. Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Trust in The Lord forever, for The Lord God is an everlasting rock. ~ Isaiah 26:4

It’s been a while. I know. I even started a blog post in January to kick off the new year, but clearly, I haven’t posted it. To be honest, I had lost the inspiration to write…until today. Today, I experienced something so moving, so beautiful, so peaceful, that I HAD to express it in words for myself and perhaps for others who will take the time to read this. I have no idea if it will make ANY sense, quite frankly, but I’m going to give it my best shot. So here goes…

I have often written about my faith journey, especially my journey towards a new church home. God has blessed me with one that I have become a part of in the last year either as a vocalist with the choir or as a regular attendee sitting in the back pew of the congregation. I attend First Baptist Church of Garner. For many reasons, I have felt God lead me to this family, but that’s not what this post is about…today. I’ll save that story for another time. Today, I want to focus on the message that was shared this morning because it was that message that has compelled me to “write it all out”.

Maribeth Johnson CD Cover You’ll want this album! Visit Maribeth Johnson’s website to learn more.

I am a blubber of emotions (is that even an expression? I think I just made it up!). I was privileged to be in the congregation today as Nashville Singer Songwriters and Worship Leaders, Maribeth and Jeremy Johnson shared their testimony, one that exemplifies how faith CAN move mountains.

Imagine finding out your unborn child has a rare disease, one that will end her life before it even begins. Imagine then, if you will, making the decision to hold onto that life for however long you can to give her a life and celebrate her even while she is still in the womb hanging on to each second, each minute, each day of life. Imagine celebrating her life at birth, though she is born without life. Now, imagine trying to do this alone without any faith whatsoever. In the story of Maribeth and Jeremy that wasn’t the case. Thankfully, they not only have faith but an incredibly strong one.

Maribeth and Jeremy shared their testimony in the form of video, story, and song today. There wasn’t a dry eye in the church. Today, I even sat in the 3rd pew; not the back like I typically do (that was God nudging me to move forward because He didn’t want me to miss this. I guarantee you.) and I can tell you when I say “not a dry eye”, I mean full out tears flowing, people openly weeping as they watched the video and listened to the story and silently sang along to the song shared at the end.

This family, the Johnsons, shared their faith with us today. The strength, the courage, the peace and most importantly, the love of Jesus Christ flows through their veins and they absolutely 100% shine like stars in the universe for His glory. The Johnson family’s struggle and how they have overcome it is a true testament to a solid foundation in Him, to a faith that can move mountains and it reminded me of the various struggles I have seen my friends go through recently.

Our God is an AMAZING God. When He says he will not leave us or forsake us, he isn’t kidding. While we tend to focus on the sorrow we might be facing and the “what ifs”, God is ONLY focused on what will be. Only with faith in Him can our mountains be moved. In the case of the Johnsons, while they don’t fully understand the reason their baby would not grace this world with life and live a full one, they do understand that God IS in control and His plan was (and still is) bigger than theirs. For those going through any kind of struggle right now, He IS with you. He will not leave you; nor forsake you.

I pray for the Johnsons as they continue to share their story with the world. It’s on video, if you’re interested. They shared with us a scaled down version but I highly recommend taking the time to watch their 25-minute testimony. You will be moved…and you will need Kleenex, a whole box, not just a few tissues. Trust me.

At the end of their sharing today, Maribeth sang this beautiful song that summarized the gift Abbie Ann is to them – Visitor From Heaven.

I haven’t been THIS moved to write in MONTHS. I hope what I’ve written has got you thinking about your own walk with Jesus. I pray that if you are struggling through something now, you turn to Him putting your trust completely in Him realizing that God is in control, because He is. He may not always give us the answers we hope for; but he’ll always give the answers He has already planned for us. Trust in that too.

And finally, on an aside, it was Jeremy Johnson who co-wrote Scotty McCreery’s “Christmas in Heaven”, a song that he recorded for his holiday album…and mind you, a song that his dad, Mike, sang at the FBC Christmas program that same year. It’s also a song that is right up there for me with the likes of White Christmas and A Christmas Song. Mr. Johnson is an amazing writer. Go listen to Christmas in Heaven if you have never heard it…and get more tissues too. Again, just trust me.

The Johnsons coming to spend time with our FBC Choir this weekend and to share their story with the church on Sunday was a true blessing. I’m still moved. MOVED.

God is SO good. All.The.Time.


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