Finding My Bliss in 2014: Getting Healthy & Fit

Healthy food choices LIsa Sullivan

Let me refresh your memory….

As the New Year turned its corner, I wrote about my goals for 2014 and really, there were only three with the first one being “I will work towards a healthier me.” I didn’t really give any more direction than that. I just knew that I wanted to be healthier. I wanted to eat healthier, make healthier choices when it comes to what foods I choose to take in. I wanted to be more active; not so much tight abs fit (though that would be a bonus). I just wanted to be more active. Really, I wanted to combine the two so that I will feel better about the body that I have been given.

So, back in January, I started another exercise routine and I was doing GREAT until I took one yoga class that beat on my knees something fierce (apparently, they weren’t ready for that…and that’s OK!). It sidelined me for quite some time. In fact, I’m only now six months later getting back into some kind of activity.

The thing is I had been trying and trying to make changes all on my own…which is fine. If you can do that, all the power to you. For me, I need not only guidance but a cheerleader to keep me motivated…and I found one who does both. Enter my friend and Health Coach, Carrie Riggin.

Carrie Riggin Lisa Sullivan

Carrie Riggin and I on our first “official” day of #LisaGetsFit!

Just a few short years ago, Carrie was very much where I am now and then she made the conscientious effort to change her habits…to become healthier. That decision has changed her life. She now coaches others on how to do it themselves. So, talking to her one day I knew she’d be able to work with me and I with her. It was a natural fit (pun intended).

Last month, we met and formulated our strategy for me. While we did that, she also created a “5-Day Challenge Goal Group” on Facebook that was so inviting, I joined it and it’s what has catapulted me to where I am now.

I am very happy to say that because of my changes to my diet alone, I have dropped 10 pounds in one month!

What have I done, you ask?

In Carrie’s goal group she simply asked us to make alterations to our day-to-day menu choices For instance, substitute Almond Milk for (regular) milk, drink coffee black instead of with cream and/or sugar, substitute plain Greek yogurt adding your own fresh fruit vs. eating already fruit-mixed yogurt, drink LOTS and LOTS of water, etc.

She gave us menus for each day, a grocery list to start the week, and provided us with lists for 100-calorie and 200-calorie snacks. Carrie even provided a “what to do when you eat out” tip sheet!

And that’s all it took.

Now, I take my coffee black and prefer it that way.

Now, I drink water as my beverage of choice anywhere in lieu of Sweet Tea, soda, even lemonade.

Now, I prefer…and actually enjoy…Greek yogurt with my own fruit mixed in.

I’ve also cut WAY back on breads, cheese (mac & cheese is my staple!) and anything fried. Since I already don’t eat poultry or red meat that wasn’t hard to do, but every once in a while I do like a French fry, especially if it’s a sweet potato French fry.

Don’t get me wrong, either. Even if I want to have a regular French fry or drink lemonade instead of water, I will and if I crave mac & cheese, now I look to try and make it homemade versus store bought just because I can make a healthier version of it. Really, it’s all in moderation.

To be quite honest, I prefer my current diet. I like how it has made me feel. I feel…cleaner. My skin has even cleared up too!



The next thing to work on is my exercise regimen. That’s the next couple of weeks. Right now, Carrie has requested I work out in some fashion 3-5x per week. Whether that be a longer, brisker walk with the pooch, a 60-minute Yoga DVD, or 30-minutes on the treadmill, just something to get moving and make it consistent.

Carrie and I will be working together until Labor Day weekend. She has a whole summer with me to keep me motivated and teach me how to manage a healthier lifestyle. She’s even going to teach me how to cook healthier recipes via Skype! I’ll save that for a future post.

Wish me well, will ya?

Follow along with our official hashtag – #LisaGetsFit too. There isn’t much out there right now but there will be as time goes on.

If you’ve been thinking about making positive changes to your diet and lifestyle, I encourage you to visit Carrie’s website to learn more about all the services she provides.

Carrie has helped me get on the road to healthier living. I can’t wait to see the results at the end of our time together!

Images by Lisa Sullivan. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2014.



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