Finding My Bliss in 2014 – Frolicking in the Snow

Lucy Sullivan by Lisa Sullivan All Rights Reserved

Just over a week ago, the Triangle region of and eastern North Carolina experienced a very RARE phenomenon – snow. This white powder began falling from the sky after dark on Tuesday night, January 28th and didn’t stop until the morning of January 29th, but by then it had done its damage. Schools were closed (some stayed closed the rest of the week even). Businesses had already begun making contingent plans for business activity that Wednesday. People were flocking to their neighborhood grocery stores to stock up “just in case”. The damage was done.

You see around these parts everything comes to a halt. Being a born and bred northerner I never understood that until I moved here. After 9 years of living in Garner, I completely get it now. What we saw nearly two weeks ago is so rare that there is no need to stock up on snow plows, salt, personnel, etc. for something that happens once every other year (or so). It doesn’t make sense. We designate our resources elsewhere where we need it most. I get that.


“Snow Days” are sure fun when they do happen, though.

My job affords me the ability to work from anywhere thanks to what I do daily and the technology to make it happen. So, while it was a day away from the office, for me it really wasn’t a day off. I still had to Tweet, Facebook, Plus, etc.

But, that didn’t stop me from taking my girl, Lucy out to romp in the white stuff.

There’s talk of another POTENTIAL snow storm (or wintry mix of some sort) this week. To be honest, this one was enough to last me until next season. However, you can bet your bippy that if we still end up with a another few inches of snow on the ground, rather than complain, I will embrace it. I will find my bliss!

How about you? If you live here in Carolina, did you enjoy our snow event last week? If so, what did you do to make it special? How did you find your bliss? Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear all about it.

2 Responses to “Finding My Bliss in 2014 – Frolicking in the Snow”
  1. Gail Drayton says:

    Thanks Lisa & Lucy for making me smile on a bleak, dreary New England Saturday. We still have snow piles here that are waiting for some sun to melt them away.
    Next time build us a snowman with Lucy. 🙂
    Happy shoveling…whenever..

    • Oh Gail…I know how you feel. I love my home region of New England but I don’t miss that…at all. That said, if we do get a few more inches this season, as long as it’s wet enough I’ll make that snowman for ya. 😉 (This last storm wasn’t really good for that.).

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Stay warm up there!

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