You Only Live Once – A 12 Hour Drive Led Me to the World Champion Red Sox Parade

Boston Red Sox Duck Boat Parade 2013 Lisa Sullivan

Featured image above is of Red Sox players Daniel Nava, John Lackey, and Clay Buckholz riding one of the many Duck Boats in the 2013 World Series Champions Duck Boat Parade in Boston. Image copyright Lisa Sullivan. All rights reserved.

I am 44. I feel young and for the most part, I am young. That said, this weekend I did one of the craziest things I’ve ever done in my life – on a whim I hopped in my car, drove 12 hours from North Carolina to Massachusetts so that I could attend the World Champion Boston Red Sox Duck Boat Parade only to drive back 12 more hours to North Carolina the next day.

And I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!

On Wednesday, October 30th in the 6th Game of the World Series, my Red Sox WON – not just the game but the whole enchilada. That night the Red Sox beat a formidable team in their own right, the St. Louis Cardinals to become the 2013 World Series Champions.

Man…I was so happy and not just for the win but for the city in the state of my birth. The city I called home for a time. The city that endured a tragic event just six months ago only to come back #BostonStrong. MY city!

Lisa Sullivan Duck Boat Parade 2013

Me on the Red Sox Duck Boat Parade route 2013

All year long the Sox continued to give we fans signs that they had a shot at taking it all the way. From their winning stretch out of the gun to the acquisition of Jake Peavy this summer to another incredible stretch at the end of the season. They were fighting HARD to get to and in the playoffs. Every playoff game was intense – win or not (and the “nots” were nailbiters). I…even the girl who hits the hay at 10pm most nights…stayed awake MOST of the games just because I had to see them to the very end. It made for a LONG October, but it definitely made it worth it in the end.

And then the end came and I thought, “WOW, we won. YAY!” Yay for the win and YAY I can sleep now. Only on Thursday afternoon, I decided sleep can wait as I and a friend of mine from work, another true Sox fan, made arrangements to get to Boston to be there for the parade. I called my cousin for a place to stay about an hour west of the city. He was happy to oblige. On Friday morning I had my oil changed before work and then by 1:30, we were on the road. Boston or bust!

48 hours away from North Carolina

12 hours up

24 hours in Massachusetts

12 hours back

1/2 hour of parade

Time spent with friends and family celebrating with the Sox on Boylston Street at the Parade – PRICELESS

Lisa Sullivan Red Sox Duck Boat Parade 2013 Boston

My friend, Jenna with my Uncle Bob, Aunt Nancy, and myself at the Red Sox Duck Boat Parade 2013

Life is too short to miss opportunities like this. Sometimes you just gotta go with the gusto no matter how old you are and make things happen. I’ve made some memories this weekend celebrating my Sox and my city.

In fact, 12 hours of sleep later and I’m on a natural high.

Now…how many days until pitchers and catchers report? 😉

2 Responses to “You Only Live Once – A 12 Hour Drive Led Me to the World Champion Red Sox Parade”
  1. Faith says:

    So cool!! You go girl…literally!

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