Scotty McCreery “See You Tonight” – An Album and Concert Review

Scotty McCrreery QDR CD Release Party Copyright Lisa Sullivan All Rights Reserved

Image above is from the 947 QDR “See You Tonight” CD Release Party prior to Scotty’s NC State Fair concert on October 21st. Copyright 2013. Lisa Sullivan. All Rights Reserved.

Let me get this part straight first – I am a fan. That I am. I make no bones about it. In fact, I’ve written about why before and so I won’t repeat it again here. Feel free to visit the post describing as much, if you’re interested.

That said, this post comes from an objective perspective because I’m not only a fan of Scotty’s, I’m also a fan of music, country music mostly, but GOOD music always and here’s the thing, Scotty’s newest release – See You Tonight – is good. As a matter of fact, it’s more than good. It’s straight up solid countryfied goodness.

See You Tonight is refreshing. It’s full of toe-tapping and tear-jerking tracks. It’s a nice mix of both, actually.

And let me state this too before I go any further – I cannot think of any record I have ever owned that I did not fast forward (or skip) a song or two on…until now. I listen to every single track on See You Tonight. Every single one. Even though the title track is what’s currently on radio and I know every lyric and the melody by heart, I still don’t skip that song. I let it play right on through… and sing to the top of my lungs at the same time too, but don’t tell anybody.

From the get-up-out-of-your-seat first song on the record, “Now”, to the cutesieness of songs like “Blue Jean Baby” and “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend” to the poignant “The Dash” to the purely perfect sounds of “Carolina Moon” and the summer fun of “Suntan” (bonus track on the Walmart Deluxe edition and one Scotty performed all summer long in his Weekend Roadtrip Tour), this album moves you. Whether you tap your toes or shed a tear or just plain ole smile because the song does that to you, it’s truly a moving experience from one song to the next and that fact that Scotty himself co-wrote five songs on the album is not lost either. Actually, my second favorite track, “Something More” is one written by him (my very favorite is “Carolina Moon” in case you’re wondering).

“My one and only criticism is that I could have easily sat through a concert of JUST the entire See You Tonight album performed LIVE song for song.”

Scotty McCreery NC State Fair 2013 Image Credit Lisa Sullivan Copyright 2013 All Rights ReservedRecently, Scotty performed quite a few selections at his North Carolina State Fair concert dates and being that I’m a Triangle-ite and Garner gal, of course I had the opportunity to attend both nights; enjoyed it each time. My one and only criticism is that I could have easily sat through a concert of JUST the entire See You Tonight album performed LIVE song for song. Honestly. I didn’t need to hear covers, though I do like his versions of George Strait’s “Check Yes or No”, Tim McGraw’s “I Like It. I Love It”, or Montgomery Gentry’s “Gone”. Rather, I would’ve preferred as many new songs as he was willing to perform mixed in with some of my faves from Clear As Day (his platinum-selling debut album). The whole album of See You Tonight? Sure! Why not?!

What I will say though is I did enjoy the tribute to the greats like Johnny Cash and Elvis. With those he brought his influences to the forefront while quite possibly bringing “new ears” to the music as well. Nice job!

Scotty’s new show is really good overall. It’s not too flashy, but just the right amount of FUN to keep his audience entertained while staying true to his roots. I like that.

Whether you are a Scotty McCreery fan or just a fan of good country music, pick up See You Tonight. There’s a reason the critics have given it (and him) such rave reviews (as have some of his colleagues in the biz too – did you see Kellie Pickler’s shout out on Twitter? Check it.).

Go get you some See You Tonight. I promise. You won’t be sorry. In fact, you’ll be ready to purchase a ticket to his concert playing at a city near you!

Kudos, Scotty! You’ve outdone yourself with this one and made we McCreerians (and Garnerites) very proud. Keep it up!

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