How is Your Line? My Thoughts on How to Have a Good Life

Walk For Hope 2012 Lisa Sullivan

Image above is of me at the 24th Annual Walk For Hope last year on my Birthday – October 14th 2012.

I just got done watching the Glee episode paying tribute to the character of Finn and his portrayer Cory Monteith. I tweeted earlier, “dagum if I wasn’t a puddle of tears” as I watched the show. So many emotions. So many thoughts. So much sadness for yet another gifted young talent gone too soon. Sadness for the people (young or old) who feel addiction is the only way to escape the unsettling lack of self confidence that consumes them to the point of utter sadness falling on that addiction to heal the hurt they feel. Yes, Cory was a celebrity, but first and foremost, he was a human being and for whatever reason he turned to his addiction one last time. We will never know what that was, but we can take away so much from his untimely death.

For me, watching this episode there was one sentence in the dialog that really stuck out me. It’s the moment when Puck has just finished replanting the tree in Finn’s honor. He and Coach Beiste talk about the dash between the two numbers that identified Finn’s life, the year of his birth and the year of his death, and how it’s the years in between you have to make the most of. Just before Puck gets on his motorcycle to ride away Coach Beiste calls out –

“Have a good line!”


Have a good line.

And it got me thinking – we should all strive for that good line. Some people do it better than others while others let the circumstances of their lives dictate how they choose to end up. The thing is we have a choice. We all do. We all have the choice to have a good line.

For some people reading this they’re probably saying, “Well duh, Lisa. I’m on it! Can’tcha tell?” And for those of you I know who are on it, I can. God bless you for it!

But, for those that are wondering if they deserve it, if there’s still time to do it, if they have the gifts and talents necessary to make it happen, if it’s even possible to make the right choice to do it, I say – YES to it all!

You have the power to have a good line!

YOU have the power to make the right choices…even if you’ve screwed up at one point in your life or you’ve just been dealt a heavy blow (or 2 or…), you can turn it around. You just have to decide you will and then take the steps forward to make it happen. BUT, you CAN do it.

I work hard every single day to make sure my line is good — not for me, but for those around me. I’ve made the choice not to get up every morning and think, “What can I do today to better my life?” but rather “What can I do today to make the lives of those around me better?” because I fully believe it’s not what I do for me that makes the world go ’round, it’s what I do for others that does and THAT makes me better. I’m not perfect. I will never be. But, I do know I have the ability to bring joy and happiness to others in whatever gifts and talents God has given me. That’s as close to perfection as I’m going to get. I’m totally OK with that and driven by it.

And that, my friends, is why when it’s my time to go, I fully believe that I will have had a good line. Because when it’s my time, I will know I did everything I possibly could to give love, to make a difference, to be worthy of that line.

Will you?

How’s your line?

I pray for Cory, his family, his friends, and all of those beaten by their addictions and their families and their friends. Most importantly, I pray for each of you, that you too will be able to say you had a good line.

Now, go and have a good line. 🙂

Special thanks to FOX’s Glee for the full performance of the Glee cast singing “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway show Rent filmed for the episode honoring Cory – “The Quarterback”. All the performances were good but this one really resonated with me. Love. Just love.

2 Responses to “How is Your Line? My Thoughts on How to Have a Good Life”
  1. Carol says:

    One of the best grief-expressing shows I’ve ever seen on TV. Anyone who has experienced a loss and actually felt it, could get a gut-wrenching cry out of the emotion-filled hour. Thank you so much writers – it was beautifully written and acted. I also loved the lines; “he’s dead, and all we’ve got left is his voice in our head”, and “He was my Person”. I had flashbacks of losing both my parents, a husband, and distance from my children, not to mention numerous pets: I needed a good cry.

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