My Reflections on a Successful Food Bank of CENC 24-Hr Telethon 2013

Food Bank CENC 24 Hr Telethon Planning July 2013

Image of the 24-Hour Telethon team planning committee above courtesy of the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

I’ll start with this simple Tweet from my wonderful friend, Deirdre –

Yep, that about sums it up.

Deirdre expressed that emotion as soon as we completed the 2nd Annual Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina 24-Hour Telethon AND successfully raised OVER $50,000 towards Food Bank programs and services, this according to the Food Bank themselves –

Last year, those of us that were a part of the first telethon were thrilled to have reached our goal of $20K. It was the first time the Food Bank used new media to reach a wider audience and simultaneously engage them through social media platforms all the while raising money for the organization as Hunger Action Month kicked off. Again, we were thrilled.

But this year…the feeling is different because not only did the Food Bank know they were going to plan another one, but they enlisted members of the community to assist them in their efforts. I was one of the committee members. We met once a month starting in April (two times in August) before the big event. We strategized on activities, publicizing, volunteer recruitment, special guests, you name it. We created sub-groups to facilitate it all and while the Food Bank and telethon host, Gregory Ng (aka Freezerburns) did the bulk of the technical planning, each of us in the committee were happy to share whatever gift or talent we had to pull it off. It became a true team effort.

Food Bank of CENC 24 Hr Telethon Team Lisa Sullivan All Rights Reserved

Some of the Team at the very end of the 24 hours. Many are missing but are not forgotten. ❤

And while the success of the 2nd Annual Food Bank 24-Hr Telethon made the team happy, the emotion of “love” expands even further –

We heard from individuals who told us their siblings were donating.

We met NEW volunteers and sponsors this year, many of which have indicated they wanted to participate in next year’s (620AM the Buzz hosts Mike and Mark, shout out to you!).

Probably the one thing that resonated with me the most was the children. Whether it was watching them try to win tickets for door prizes, which is always fun; really, it was hearing those same children say, “oh I’m happy to help people who are hungry,” when asked if they knew what their money was going to. And it was moving to hear from a mom on Twitter who told us her 2 year-old was inspired to give –



Ding, ding, DING!

That’s it. Reaching the donation goal was no doubt an accomplishment, but reaching the children of today, teaching them how important it is to help others, that was the BIGGEST accomplishment of all.

And that makes my heart happy. I Tweeted this when all was said and done –

It doesn’t get old because we have effectively helped our local Food Bank serve the people they serve and this year’s total of $50,000 equates to providing a QUARTER of a MILLION meals to families in their 34-county service area.

My heart is full too.

Can’t thank everyone enough – the Food Bank staff, Greg and his producer Mike Adams, all the sponsors, volunteers, and donors for making this happen. I look forward to next year’s event.

If you missed all the excitement, check out my recap video here –

No one should go hungry. No one. Again, thanks to all for a successful 2013 Food Bank of CENC 24-Hour Telethon. We appreciate ya!


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