Couch to 5K Day 2 Was HARD

Neuse River Trail Wake County Lisa Sullivan All Rights Reserved

Image above of the Neuse River Trail is courtesy of Yours Truly. All Rights Reserved.

Not gonna lie. It sucked, actually.

It was just about 7pm last night, a bit humid, but a nice evening for a workout. I began stretching and I could feel it a little. When the C25KFree timer began with the warmup and I started the walking portion, I could feel it even more and then a couple of minutes in that little voice says, “Begin running now”.


Well, OK. Here we go.


Now, I’m really feeling it. Muscles I forgot I even had started to hurt. My waist, my thighs. Suddenly I felt like I was running with two concrete blocks, one on each leg and I tell ya what – I wanted to give up right then. This running thing is for the birds!

But, then I kept going. I sucked it up, pain and all and kept running…well, actually, jogging. Then, she came on again –

“You may now start walking.”


Thank you, JESUS!

Wait – what’s this? Huff. Puff. Huff. Puff. Can’t. Catch. My. Breath.


“OK, Lisa. Concentrate. Breathe. That’s it. It’s OK to huff and puff, just don’t let that consume you. Take it easy. Breathe. You can do this. There you go. Much better.” (I’m talking to myself at this point. This is not the app, but how cool would it be if the app could sense you need a little extra encouragement?!)

And it went on like that for the entire 30 minutes, but…I did it!

I completed Day 2 of Couch to 5K.

Hot Damn!

And oh man…am I MUCH more sore than I was when I started.


So, I stretched and stretched longer for the cool down this time and drank three glasses of water before showering (two more glasses after).

But, I did it. All the pain and huffing and puffing, the soreness while falling asleep…all worth it.

Yep. I keep telling myself that and I will continue to because my friends Lauren, Carrie, Mariah, Mandy, Kathy…they all tell me it’s par for the course. They all encourage me daily.

So, I keep going.

I got this.

Couch to 5K Lisa Sullivan

Finished. Week 1 Day 2. #couch25K #LisaGetsHealthy


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