Book Review: The Book of Business Awesome/UnAwesome by Scott Stratten

“It’s not called epic fact media or business media. It’s social. If you stopped referring to people as ‘leads’ all the time, you may realize that the days when you were to leave ‘personal matters at the door’ and change into business mode no longer exist.” ~ Scott Stratten, The Book of Awesome, Chapter 25, Page 73


And I actually starred this chapter with a big ole bright pink highlighted star as soon as I got to it. That’s just one quote from that Chapter when really, I could’ve just written the whole damn chapter verbatim. It’s that good. But, then I’d be plagiarizing and breaking copyright infringement because I don’t have Scott’s permission. Although, I venture to guess he’d have given it to me, if I asked. 😉

I first came across Scott Stratten, President of UnMarketing from stumbling upon a Tweet of his at one point back in the day. What I liked about him then and what remains true now is his no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is advice about building relationships with your clients and potential clients online. Notice I didn’t say “marketing”? Scott on Twitter is simply his mantra and business – UnMarketing. Follow him. Like now. Seriously.

The thing is, Scott is not only upfront about what he thinks about today’s business relationship-building (can’t bring myself to say marketing…kinda hate that word, actually. We need a new one. Who’s up for THAT challenge?), but he’s also a true conversationalist which is what Twitter is essentially all about. The man has upwards of almost 100,000 Tweets. Go check his feed. They’re not all screaming “SEE WHAT I GOT TO SAY”. Nope. He’s replying (that @ sign means something)…A LOT. He’s building relationships, ones that have led him to book tours, speaking engagements, a successful business.

So, go follow the man, will ya?

Now, back to the book.

The Book of Business Awesome/UnAwesome is the first of its kind (I think). It’s two books in one. Read the first 120 pages of one side and then flip it over and read the other 130 pages (give or take). With each chapter you take a bit more out of, nuggets that you can use with case studies to back them. He calls out those businesses doing “relationship building” right and those doing it wrong. He’ll make you laugh (see Chapter 22 in the Book of Business Awesome. My Bon Jovi-loving friends will relate as will Jon himself, I’m sure.). And if you understand this whole “relationship building” thing, he’ll make you cry too (check out the story about how his lost iPad was returned to him in the Book of Business Awesome).

This is a book that every Entrepreneur, business owner, CEO, CFO, COO, “Mom and Pop” establishment, etc. should read. It’s easy reading – not scientific mumbo-jumbo. The chapters are short and to the point. Heck, I read it in one day. Now, mind you it was one very rainy day in Raleigh, but I finished the sucker within 4 hours…and that’s with highlighting, folding down pages, etc.

Book of Business Awesome Bookmark

Here’s another little nugget for you –

“Our brand definition is in the hands not only of current customers but of anyone who has ever even heard of us….When a person is asked, “What do you think about Brand A?” his or her answer is your brand statement.” ~ Book of Business Awesome, Chapter 17, pg 48-49

Think about that one for a moment.

Who “writes” the brand statement? Is it your marketing rep, a committee, your employees, or your customers or potential customers?

It’s all of the above.

Book of Business UnAwesome Bookmark

How ’bout this nugget –

“Having a ‘presence’ on Facebook is like having a website on the Internet. It’s not being there that counts. It’s what happens within the Page….To have a Page just for the sake of having a Page and not using it or monitoring it is worse than not having a Page at all.” ~ The Book of UnAwesome, Chapter 29 pg 91

In the Book of Business UnAwesome he talks about how “customers don’t see silos”; they see your brand as a whole. He gets into QR Codes and how important it is to incorporate them into your marketing plan the right way for a positive user experience. He addresses the “bright shiny new objects” and how it’s important to not be everywhere, but be awesome where you are. And among other things he has three full chapters that address Facebook and how to “do Facebook” right. Again, he backs this side of the book up with some pretty noteworthy case studies (love the one on the coffee company!).

The Book of Business Awesome/UnAwesome should be on every (I’m about to cringe) marketer’s shelf. Grab some insights, make some changes to your strategies, and become awesome.

Because every business owner, Entrepreneur, CEO, CFO, COO, brand wants to be Awesome….right?

Disclaimer: I also consider Scott a friend of mine…kinda like a distant cousin. We’re connected in various places, friends on Facebook, I have family in Toronto (where he lives; We could be family? Probably not.). The point – this is not a paid endorsement nor am I hoping to get anything in return. It’s just a review of a damn good book that I hope you’ll pick up and read. That is all.

2 Responses to “Book Review: The Book of Business Awesome/UnAwesome by Scott Stratten”
  1. Any review that starts off with “Boom!” is a good review to me 🙂 Thanks so much for this, means a lot to me that it can resonate with ya. New one out in October, I’ll send ya a copy on me 🙂

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