Why Take a Vacation? Because You Just Need To. Period.

Florida pool Lisa Sullivan All Rights Reserved Copyright 2013

I turned this past 3-day holiday weekend into a 4-day LONG weekend. I took off Friday from work and along with my husband (and our 4-legged pooch), we headed down to his brother’s house in the Greater Orlando area for some quality family (and friends) time.

As human beings…heck, as Americans…we don’t spend as much time as we should away from the daily grind. Now, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy what I do. I feel very blessed that not only do I have a job, but I have one I like. Here’s the thing – I could “like” my job until I’m blue in the face, but would I still be good at it? That’s the question.

Everybody needs a break. Everybody.

Concordia Lutheran Church San Antonio LIVE Stream Lisa Sullivan

LIVE streaming Concordia Lutheran Church San Antonio poolside!

Not only that but, we all need to stop and just…be…every now and then. Be at the beach. Be on a ski slope. Be with family. Be with a great group of friends. Be at the park. Be with a good book on a lounge chair poolside. Just….be. Our bodies were not meant to work, work, work, work. There has to be a balance. That’s so important.

Now, add to the fact that I spend all day online for my job as a digital media strategist, I also make it a point to spend time offline as often as possible. Surprising to some, I know. But, seriously,  when I take a break from it all, I usually try to take a break FROM… IT…. ALL. The only exception – Facebook – and maybe a bit of Instagram. I love to take pictures, that explains my obsession with Instagram, and my family and friends are all on Facebook. So, I might share a picture from poolside or from my day at Downtown Disney or whatever. But, outside of that, you won’t find me Tweeting, checking in on Foursquare, Socialcamming a video. Nope. For the most part, I take a break offline as much as I can because I need that too. I did, however, attend church virtually though. Still had to get my weekly dose of God’s Word in!

And honestly, how often during your vacation can you really be “on vacation” if you’re spending so much time Tweeting and checking in to all the places you go?

It’s not necessary for me. While I get the whole, “let me support the restaurant, mom and pop store, museum, tour I’ve just gone on” thing, I just choose not to do that while I’m actually dining out with family, shopping with my friend, visiting a museum with the nephews, or taking that jeep tour on the Outer Banks beaches. Nope. I’m good with just enjoying the experience in the moment. Yep. I truly take my version of a “tech break” by not Tweeting, Foursquare-ing, etc.

Downtown Disney Lisa Sullivan

With my friend Maryann at Downtown Disney!

So…what did we do?

Well, enjoyed a home-cooked meal and visit from my in-laws Friday night, went shopping at the place that makes me smile every time I visit it – Downtown Disney – with a good friend Saturday, enjoyed a pool party and barbecue with friends of my brother-in-law on Sunday, and just relaxed by the pool the rest of the time. It was glorious!

There’s nothing like taking a break from all that you’re used to daily and just….being.

I highly recommend it!

Next opportunity for time off is in T-minus 30 days…but I’m not counting or anything. 🙂




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