Breathing a Sigh of Relief for Boston While Vigiliance Continues

Raleigh Runners for Boston Lisa Sullivan

The topic on every Bostonian’s mind in the days since Suspect #2’s capture has been –

Whew. It’s over. Justice.

And with beverage in hand –


To law enforcement. To each other. To the Red Sox winning their first home game since the $!*# went down a week ago.


While that’s all well and good, let’s not get complacent now. THIS happened.

In Boston.

TO Boston.

For every other incidence of similar vein it’s been New York or D.C. but not this time, this time it was Beantown, the land of baked beans, lobSTAH, clam chowDAH, Red Sox Nation, and the Bruins, Celtics, and Patriots faithful. The land where Paul Revere warned us the British were coming and where today, the Boston Police run a kick ass Twitter account. Boston.

We can’t forget the alleged suspects who perpetrated such heinous crimes lived and breathed among the populous. One took up boxing. The other graduated from a well-known local high school on a scholarship. One allegedly claims he had no American friends. The other seems to have been surrounded by a varied group. Both were saturated into our culture and while nothing has been proven yet what that says to me is it’s still happening.

Remember 9/11? I know. How can we forget? But, follow me here.

Remember some of the hijackers were plain clothed, blending in with the other passengers of the planes they took over. My point – as much as I hate to say it, in my very humble opinion this will not be the last time we see this happen in our nation. My guess is there are others that think the same.

But, there’s nothing we ordinary Americans can do about it EXCEPT be vigilant. Be aware. Be aware of our surroundings. When we notice someone do something that looks suspicious, either we call them on it (if you feel so inclined) or dial 911. Let SOMEBODY know you’ve seen something out of the ordinary. Personally, I might even go a step further and actually excuse myself from wherever I am at that moment too.

And don’t do anything stupid either. Don’t leave a bag unattended. To avoid having one being searched when you enter a public arena or before boarding an airplane, travel lighter. Figure out a way to do that.

Oh and when a building has to be evacuated, don’t try and stay in it to get your job done or whatever it is you think is important at that moment. You jeopardize not only your safety but that of the law enforcement officials, rescuers, even your colleagues when you do. Believe me, I’ve even heard about people doing that too (and I always say under my breath – “you idiot” while shaking my head too!).

Those are just some thoughts off the top of my head, but the bottom line is – go out and enjoy your life. Do the things you love. Just do them with a watchful eye looking out for yourself and those you may be with. I already do this, but even I admit, I’ve become a bit complacent myself.

I don’t know that in my lifetime we will ever wipe out the evil that exists. The War on Terror is not your “typical” war. It’s much bigger and much deeper that that. What I do know is that I can be watchful of what’s around me, and I can PRAY for safety and security. That’s about all I can control.

Memory Mile Lisa Sullivan

Me at the Memory Mile in Raleigh, April 22nd for the victims of the Boston bombings.

One final note – this post wasn’t meant to be scary to some of you reading it. It was meant to be a reminder that it’s really not over. Last week it was Boston. Who knows where it will be next time? That’s the unfortunate reality in our world today. It’s hard to type that, but it’s real just the same. So, be vigilant. Be aware. And just be yourself. Have FUN. Live life. Enjoy every moment and do whatever you can to make a difference to those around you too.

God bless you and God BLESS America! It really is the land to be loved. 🙂

Oh and thank you to all the law enforcement officials who made Friday’s capture happen. I salute you and forever remain #BostonStrong!


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