Tune In to FOX 50’s Tarheel Talk April 21st at 6:30AM!

I have often said that my goal in life is not to be successful in any particular career. Rather, for me it’s all about what I can do to make a difference in this world we live in.  One of the ways I personally do that is by immersing myself in the community to influence positive change in our communities.

From my involvement as a Social Media Ambassador with the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina (and please vote for them right now to receive a $45K grant from Walmart!) to my joining the Walk For Hope in October to the creation of my own ladies networking group that gives back to the community each time we gather (TweetDivas – on hiatus at the moment) and everything else in between, I do what I can to help others see they too can make a difference.

Tarheel Talk Lisa Sullivan

From L-R: Dr. Williams (Serve The Need), Crystal Kimpson Robers (Mountaintop Productions PR), myself, and Sonya Williams, Host of Tarheel Talk

On Sunday, April 21st I join my friend and colleague in the PR world, Crystal Kimpson Roberts of Mountaintop Productions Public Relations on FOX 50’s Tarheel Talk for an in-depth discussion of what we can do as individuals, nonprofits, and even businesses to affect positive change in the communities we serve just by engaging them. You’ll hear about traditional methods of PR, the use of social media to influence positive change, and you’ll also hear from the President and Founder of Serve The Need in Johnston County about what his organization does to help his community. It’s an informative discussion with many takeaways that you can implement today.

But, I won’t give away the details. You’ll just have to watch. 😉

If you’re local to the Triangle, you will find Tarheel Talk on FOX 50 at 6:30am. Don’t want to get up that early? Simple – DVR the show!

If YOU want to make a difference in YOUR community, I hope you will join us tomorrow morning on Tarheel Talk.

Shout outs to – Change the Triangle and Food Bank CENC too. Both were used as examples of organizations making a difference to affect positive change in their communities through community engagement.

Check out our brief promo too!


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