Boston and Its Marathon WILL Come Back Better Than Ever!

Boy am I having trouble processing the events in Boston today. In fact, I can honestly say I’ve gone through some of the stages of grief. First, there was shock. Then, sadness. Now, I’m feeling anger, or as I have been describing it, I’m absolutely PISSED OFF.

Yet, I can’t really describe it. I can’t describe the anger so that it makes sense. Only those who have gone through similar experiences, some of which are actual tragedies involving the harm or death of a loved one can. Yet, in both of these instances it’s personal.

Mass Pike Boston Lisa Sullivan

Heading towards the Pru Tunnel on the Mass Turnpike in Boston last summer for my vacation with family.

I’m originally from Massachusetts. A field trip to Boston was a yearly event (sometimes 2x a year) when I was in school. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the Boston Pops perform at the Esplanade or taken in the festivities of Boston’s First Night on New Year’s Eve. The memories I have of going to Red Sox games at historic Fenway Park with my family and then later on with my husband are some of the happiest memories this Sox fan will ever have. I lived in the city of Boston from 1992-1997 so walking the streets on warm summer nights or yes, even standing near the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon was something I’d do often. Boston is my home.

I have written before about the effects of the tragedies I have experienced in my lifetime, but none of them were in my home state (or for a while there) in my hometown. When something like this hits the core of our nation, it hurts everyone. But, when something like this hits YOU in your home, it hits YOUR core. That’s the hurt. And that’s why I’m PISSED.

I hate that something so senseless has happened to Beantown, my town…and on this day, a day that is celebrated out of the respect for the freedoms we ALL have – Patriot’s Day. The Boston Marathon is a tradition on this day, as is a parade and a Red Sox home game typically. Tonight, it was the Bruins. That game was cancelled.

Fenway Park Lisa Sullivan 2006

My husband and I at Fenway, Summer 2006.

This was supposed to be a beautiful joyous day in Boston. Thousands of runners made their way through Boston’s suburbs, up Heartbreak Hill, and into the city. As soon as that Finish Line comes into sight, it’s like a breath of fresh air. A last drop of adrenaline and determination to finish those 26.2 miles could be felt by those that lined the streets. You could be from Boston, North Carolina, or Kenya and it didn’t matter. The Boston Marathon was a prize in and of itself if you had the chance to run it. And for spectators who would sometimes stand in the same spot for hours, it was a prize just to be there to feel a rush similar to that of the runner’s. Often, you teared up as you watched runner after runner cross that infamous line. Today, the tears were for something entirely different.

But, I tell ya what – Boston won’t let them win. America won’t let them win. Boston will come back next year stronger than ever as a people and as a city and will welcome all runners and spectators as they do every year. It might be different, but make no mistake the Boston Marathon will go on.

The only other bright light in this tragedy today is all those people that ran to help. Whether a First Responder or an innocent bystander, the city of Boston pulled together to help those they could while mourning the loss of two they couldn’t. You saw spectators grabbing blankets or other coverings for those seriously hurt. You saw First Responders giving respectful direction to those runners that had no clue what had happened before their arrival. You saw many acts of courage and determination for what each could do. While Bostonians are just as pissed at what happened, they showed they could step up when it was needed. For that, I am even more proud to say I “love that Dirty Water“.

I had several friends either in attendance or I knew of three people who ran the race. All are accounted for. For that, I am grateful. I’m still pissed, but I’m also grateful.

At this point in my life, I’m not sure we will ever rid the world of pure evil. But, what I am sure of is that we can do all that is humanly possible to ensure the safety of those we love while living our own lives the best we can, setting the best examples that we can. I am absolutely positive we will overcome this as we do any other tragedy.

But, for now, it hurts.

And it pisses me off.

And I’m not going to apologize for that.

Instead, I will say a hundred prayers tonight and in the coming days…for peace.

May you be blessed with that. May we all.

2 Responses to “Boston and Its Marathon WILL Come Back Better Than Ever!”
  1. Glad to hear everyone in your circles are OK.

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