Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2013 Through the Eyes of a Newbie

Where the hell have I been these eight years that I have never taken in the rush that is the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival?


We’ve lived in The Triangle for just over eight years and while I knew about this festival, I never once attended….and I’m a fan of film! Say what?!

I could chalk it up to the old excuse that’s it’s “all the way in Durham” and I live in Garner. Oh horse-pooey!

I could chalk it up to ticket cost. WHAT?! Definitely not that. Tickets are super reasonable (and guess what – some good stuff is even for FREE!).

I’ll be honest. I just never really paid that much attention. That’s it.

Well, let me tell you, I’ve completely changed my tune.

A few weeks ago I was asked by my good friend and UBER fantastic film maker in her own right, Camden Watts, if I’d like to join her and a small group of folks for their social media team this year. It’s a new concept for them and considering I LOVE everything film (I hope to someday write that screenplay) and I am a social butterfly on the interwebs, I jumped at the chance!

Full Frame Speakeasy Panel Lisa Sullivan

The Speakeasy Panel – “Based on a True Story”

Earlier today, I joined their lunch panel….or what they call a “Speakeasy”…for a discussion on films that are “Based on a True Story”. The panel was made up of some incredibly talented Producers and Directors. Within a few feet of where I was sitting was Marshall Curry, award-winning and Academy nominated Producer of the 2005 documentary – Street Fight – about Newark, N.J. Mayor (then candidate) Cory Booker’s 2002 unsuccessful first attempt for Mayor. If you’re a NASCAR fan, you’ll want to check out his doc Racing Dreams, which is now being made into a fictional film based on the documentary.

I met Marshall afterwards and I was super excited to meet him. First, I think Cory Booker ROCKS simply because of the way he embraces his constituency via social media and so I wanted to meet the man that told his story. Second, as a NASCAR fan, I can’t wait to see Racing Dreams, both the documentary and the upcoming narrative.

Marshall Curry Producer Lisa Sullivan

Me with Academy Award Nominated Producer, Marshall Curry. What a privilege to meet him!

I was also sitting 2 seats over from the Director, Producer, and Cinematographer of Al WeiWei: Never Sorry, Alison Klayman…and I was kinda starstruck, I’ll admit. I saw that film back in January as part of a Full Frame/Triangle Tweetup event leading up to the actual Full Frame Festival itself. It’s an amazing film about an outspoken Chinese artist who defied censorship and beat imprisonment thanks to his supporters and the power of social media. It was a brilliant film and sitting near to Alison made me whisper to her how much I enjoyed it.

Full Frame is a film-lovers feast…and I’m just discovering that now. Can’t believe it took me this long! I look forward to attending all day tomorrow. As a member of the social media team, I’ll be Tweeting and shooting some “Johnny on the spot” video montages capturing the day as well. I hope you’ll follow along with me via Twitter at @LisaSullivan.

In the meantime, check out some of the films being shown tomorrow and Sunday as well as my friend, Camden’s blog post about the films made by NC film makers represented at the festival.

One of the films I’m excited to see is “Twenty Feet From Stardom” about the lives of backup singers. As a person who dreamed of being a singer (until she realized her own reality), this is one I’m looking forward to.

I hope to see you at Full Frame. I’ll be the one Tweeting away while smiling broadly at the sheer happiness of being amongst such creative minds.


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