Cheering on Miss North Carolina 2012 in Tonight’s Miss America Pageant

Arlie Honeycutt Miss NC 2012 Miss Kingston-Lenoir

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. In the United States that’s impossible, but the next closest thing is Miss America. I know there was a time or two when I was a child that I did the Miss America wave from my living room (or the back deck but don’t tell anyone).

Tonight, is the annual Miss America Pageant (at 9pm on your local ABC Channel). Now, typically, I don’t watch. I’ll be honest. Usually there’s something else more important (to me) going on like the NFL Playoffs or something…or we’ve gone out for the evening. However, I’m making a special exception tonight (even with the Playoffs on the other channel) because I’m rooting for our North Carolina contestant AND Garner native, Miss North Carolina 2012 Arlie Honeycutt.

Garner NC town sign Scotty McCreery Arlie Honeycutt

The sign entering the Town of Garner honoring American Idol Winner 2011 Scotty McCreery AND Miss NC 2012 Arlie Honeycutt.

Yep, that’s right. Garner once again has someone in the spotlight…and once again, the Town of Garner is hosting a viewing party to celebrate her achievement and cheer her on….and once again, I’m attending that too.

Arlie is a very bright and super talented young lady in her own right. Her voice is just beautiful. Classically trained, she’s been involved in the Towne Players of Garner acting in some of their productions. Of course, her mom, Beth Honeycutt serves as Artistic Director for the Towne Players while her dad (who also served as the Town’s Emcee during the Scotty McCreery viewing parties in 2011) can be seen acting, producing, marketing, etc. for the organization. Interestingly enough, her mom competed for the title of Miss NC thirty years ago. I guess it runs in the family! I did say they were talented, didn’t I?

Arlie’s also a Pirate; not an actual “argggh” pirate but an ECU Pirate as she attends East Carolina University as a Vocal Performance Major. If you get a chance to hear her sing sometime, you are in for a real treat! I’m hoping we’ll see her perform tonight.

Arlie competed for the title of Miss North Carolina as Miss Kingston-Lenoir County. Even though she is from Garner, because she attends ECU, that allowed her to compete for Miss Kingston-Lenoir and ultimately, for the Miss NC title.

Arlie Honeycutt Miss NC 2012 Miss Kingston-Lenoir

Arlie with the NEW Miss Kingston-Lenoir 2013 and Miss Teen Kingston-Lenoir.

Along with her performance prowess, she’s a lady with a BIG heart for Garner as well as for promoting volunteerism through her platform, “The Domino Effect – Inspiring Volunteerism One Person at a Time.” And as a person who volunteers for causes she supports quite often, I can appreciate her willingness to move others to do so.

I really like Arlie. Funny, even though I live in Garner and her dad and I are friends (we can thank Scotty McCreery for that!), I’ve never met Arlie. I’ve met her mom and her brother (at one of the Scotty McCreery viewing parties) in the past, but never Arlie. I look forward to congratulating her in person for winning Miss NC and being an EXCELLENT one at that…and (hopefully) for winning tonight too. Arlie deserves the title of Miss America, in my very humble opinion.

If you live in Garner and would like to join the festivities tonight, check the Garner Performing Arts Center Facebook Event for details. It should be a FUN evening of celebrating as a community. I know I’m looking forward to it.

Go get ’em Arlie!

We’re cheering you on.

Images courtesy of Scott Honeycutt.


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