Scotty McCreery Performs to Packed House at NC State Fair and I Was There

Scotty McCreery Raleigh Finale Oct 2012 Lisa Sullivan



And he did NOT disappoint.

Scotty McCreery in Raleigh Oct 15 2012 Lisa Sullivan

Copyright Lisa Sullivan. 2012. All Rights Reserved.

With songs from his platinum selling album Clear As Day (including my favorites “Back On the Ground” and “Dirty Dishes”) to covers of Travis Tritt’s “T.R.O.U.B.L.E.” and John Michael Montgomery’s “Letters From Home” (with a backdrop that included a slideshow of members of our Armed Forces and their loved ones) to a sampling of Christmas spirit with “Let it Snow” and original song, “Christmas In Heaven” off his Christmas With Scotty McCreery CD (out today!), every song was delivered with passion, purpose, and performance.

I’ve seen him perform at his Homecoming concert for American Idol, on the Idol tour, at his Birthday Bash last October, and this past summer at Indian Ranch in Massachusetts (GREAT venue, by the way!). Each time I see him I grow more and more impressed with our Garner boy. He’s growing up! His voice is just beautiful and his stage presence continues to captivate. Whether you are a teenager, a mother of teenagers, a GRANDmother of teenagers, or even a husband of a mother or grandmother of teenagers, Scotty appeals to everyone. It’s so fun to watch!

I know some people think I’m strange and I get that…but I’m a fan. A real true down to the very humble beginnings fan of Scotty McCreery.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – his talent comes from God. His outlook on life and purpose comes from Him too. His parents, Judy & Mike together with his sister Ashley represent a close-knit faith-driven family that keeps him grounded. His education is important to him. He knows the power that brings to the business he’s in…and he is in a business – not just making music, but selling it too. He’s got the right mix of talent, trust in the Lord, and the Truth that continues to bring him to new heights. That’s why I enjoy being a fan of his. Scotty sets the bar not just for the kids (though he is a GREAT role model for them), but also for the rest of us. And maybe that puts him on pedestal albeit a small one (he has his faults too, I’m sure).

But, that’s why I like him and that’s why I continue to support the boy from Garner, NC.

My town. Not the town I grew up in. Sure. But, the town I’ve made my home in for the last 7 1/2 years.

There’s a saying in Garner…it’s our city motto actually…“Garner is a Great Place to Be”. It is. Gotta support the people who so finely represent. Scotty does that.

Thanks, Man.

And thanks for delivering a truly outstanding concert last night at Dorton Arena too. Here’s a few snippets of footage from the concert:

If you’re attending tonight’s sold out show at the NC State Fair, you will enjoy every moment just like I did. If you get a chance to see Scotty McCreery perform a solo show, do it. Just do it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a new Christmas CD to add to my collection. 🙂

Images copyright Lisa Sullivan. 2012. All Rights Reserved. Please contact me for use.

4 Responses to “Scotty McCreery Performs to Packed House at NC State Fair and I Was There”
  1. Marilyn says:

    Just wanted to tell you Lisa that I really enjoyed your review of Scotty McCreery’s NC State Fair performance. Wonderful description of his show, his family, his values and his impact on young and old alike. I too am a dyed in the wool Scotty fan, and have been since I watched his AI audition. He is a country legend in the making!

  2. Laurie D says:

    I was there last night & like you said – he did not disappoint! He voice has nuances he did not have before & his stage presence is growing. He was so pumped by the encore – I don’t know how the heck he got up for school this morning! Yes, I agree – a solo concert by him is way better than him just doing a few songs with Brad Paisley. He really is a shining star! We need to get one of his songs off his new 2013 album up to #1 on the charts!

    • “We need to get one of his songs off his new 2013 album up to #1 on the charts!”

      Yes we do!

      Just keep watching him. He’ll be singing to sold out shows at the Creek or the PNC Center before we all know it.

      Thanks for reading & commenting, Laurie! 🙂

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