No One Should Go Hungry. No One.

This past Friday and Saturday for a full 24-hours our local food bank – the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina in conjunction with “The Frozen Foodmaster” Freezerburns hosted their first EVER 24-Hour Telethon. No one knew how it was going to go, how many would be watching, how much money would be raised, but that didn’t matter. If you don’t try, how are you going to know…right?

Well, when all was said and done, I’d say the first ever FoodBank24 was a HUGE success!

After tallying the totals from the 24-Hour period coupled with donations coming through due to media promotion on behalf of the Telethon, the event produced a total of $20,000 that will be used for Food Bank initiatives AND 3k in donations too. How awesome!

Jennifer Newmeyer of the Food Bank of CENC and I during the Social Media Mixer Kick-Off on Friday night.

Gotta give it up for the staff at the Food Bank, especially those that stayed awake for the 24-hour period (Jennifer Newmeyer and Jennifer Caslin are the two that come to mind. There might be others.) and the host with the most – Gregory Ng, Mr. Freezerburns himself and his Producer, Mike Adams. What a team effort by all!

The company I work for – Fonville Morisey –  played a big role in this too. As Social Media Ambassadors for the Food Bank we were there for much of it either Tweeting away, on-air talking about our successful “Christmas in July” initiative this past summer, and we had a few folks come in bright & early to help with the 4AM Food Drive. I also talked about why it was important to me personally to be involved in not only the 24-Hour Telethon, but also in support of the Food Bank all year round. You can even see my interview with Greg (I’m at the 2:50-3:06 mark or somewhere in there).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – no one should go hungry. Period. When I was laid off from a previous position three and a half years ago, times were tight. We easily could’ve been in need of Food Bank services…but we never needed them. We were blessed and it has been very important to me since to raise awareness for the hungry in our community, especially children.

Did you know there are 120,000 children in our area that go hungry? STAGGERING! I can’t even imagine what that would be like but I’ll be darned if I don’t raise awareness to that issue.

I’m so thankful to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina for offering the programs they have and for making a difference in our community.

The Telethon was amazing – not just in funds raised but they had some very special guests talking about their programs that the Food Bank works closely with. We learned about how gleaning impacts Food Bank donations. We learned of The Chef’s Academy and The Healing Place what these two organizations do in our community.

Gregory Ng of Freezerburns talking to Mary Katherine and her son Carter about their upcoming CROP Walk.

We learned about the upcoming CROP Walks in our region. Greg even talked to a mother and son team organizing their own team for a local CROP Walk in October. How cool is that?! That mother was teaching her child about the importance of helping the hungry at an early age. Love it!

The FoodBank24 24-Hour Telethon was in a word – awesome. It really was. Thanks to EVERYONE who made it possible – Freezerburns/Gregory Ng, the Food Bank of CENC, all the volunteers and supporters, and most of all, all those who donated to the cause.

It’s Hunger Action Month. You have the power to do something in your community. I challenge you to make it happen and come on back and tell me about what you did too. I’d love to hear about it!


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