Digital Media Strategy Step #2 – Define Your Goals

I began this series back in June and then got sidetracked. Such is the life of a BUSY social media maven! Well, I’ve decided to pick it up again so here we go with Step 2 in your digital media strategy.

In Step #1 of this series I explained the most important thing you could do before embarking in the social media space was to define your target market. Now that we’ve covered the most important, let’s get to the next step – defining your goals.

Social Media Marketing goals are not traditional. With social media you have to remember you are appealing to an audience of listeners, engage-rs, and eventually advocates for your brand or business. While increasing sales, gaining additional business or referrals (or volunteers) are ultimately your overall goals, they are also a result of your social media engagement; not the actual goals themselves.

I always tell our Fonville Morisey agents that yes, they want to increase listings and buyers thereby increasing sales and their bottom lines. Sure. BUT, they have to provide something of value that will get them there.

Ask yourself – What value can I provide my audience? What is it that I bring to the table that no one else does that will help build my presence online, gain followers, fans, connections, etc. that will, in turn, advocate for what I do and ultimately help to achieve my overall marketing goals?

Therefore, your social media marketing goals should reflect your business. For instance –

  • Become the thought leader in Topic “A”
  • Increase positive reviews/recommendations/testimonials from clients
  • Be the “go to” for all things ________
  • Build brand awareness through stories about your company culture

Those are just some examples of potential social media marketing goals.

Let me take it a step further.

NHL All Star Game 2011 Raleigh Trophy Case

NHL All Star Trophy Case

You’re a local Chamber of Commerce. Ultimately, you want to increase membership thereby also increasing your bottom line as well. OK, that’s great, but what is it that your Chamber brings to the table that others do not? What is it that you know about your (business or geographical) community that others do not? Perhaps, your Chamber is located in a very artistic community. Celebrate that! Perhaps your membership is largely made of businesses that support the local arts community. Talk about that. See what I mean? In this case the Chamber would become both the thought leader in arts in X community as well as the “go to” for a wealth of information about the arts in that same community.

Figure out what you could provide to your audience that is of value to them. That’s the key. THAT’S doing social media right for your business! AND that’s how you’re going to meet your overall goals too.

So to sum it up – remember, social media marketing goals are not the same as your overall marketing goals. Your overall ones are a result of everything else you do to get there, and that includes your social media marketing efforts.

Stay tuned next week for Digital Media Strategy Step #3 – Choosing Content.

Image above is of the Trophy Case at the NHL All Star Experience during NHL All Star Weekend in Raleigh 2011. © 2011 Lisa Sullivan. All Rights Reserved.

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