Everybody Deserves a Vacation



And holidays with family don’t count. While you are “away from work” (well, most of us are anyway), you’re also in hustle and bustle mode; quite different from a get-away-from-it-all-vacation.

Me with some of the Wild Horses in the background on the beach in Corolla during our Jeep Tour.

It’s been nearly 3 years since my last vacation and even then, while I was away and while I enjoyed myself too, at that time I still had obstacles on my mind – namely finding a full-time job.

You see, it was October 2009. I had gotten laid off earlier that year, but since my husband and I were turning 40 in October, we decided to figure out a way to get away to celebrate our Birthdays. I’m glad we did! And we had a good time. But, with the lingering cloud of uncertainty over my head it wasn’t THE BEST time. It wasn’t a real vacation – the kind you save for and truly enjoy. Well, this last week was my first REAL vacation since then…and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My philosophy – work is not my life. It’s what allows me to have a life.

I worked hard for two years looking for the right position. Since I was unemployed, there was no “vacation” time to be had. I found a fantastic job in April of 2011, but then I had to wait that obligatory year before I could take time off. That was hard. You may not realize it, but it was.

View from the Jockey’s Ridge State Park Overlook in Nags Head, NC on the Outer Banks.

My philosophy – work is not my life. It’s what allows me to have a life. Two totally separate things. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely enjoy what I do, but it’s not the first priority in my life. God, family, friends, me, finding something other than the daily grind to help me enjoy life more, and THEN my job. Kind of in that order (flip-flop 1 or 2 of those). Life is meant to be enjoyed!

You’ve heard that old saying – “Stop and smell the roses every now and then.” (I added the “every now and then” part.) Well, do it! Take a week to recharge, regroup, reflect, RELAX. You’ll feel better about yourself. You’ll return to work with gusto (hopefully!). Most of all, we are only human. We need rest. Period.

So, if you’ve been thinking about whether or not to take a vacation, just go do it! Figure out a way to make it happen. You’ll be happier & more productive if you do. That I will pretty much guarantee.

This year’s vaca consisted of a family reunion and a Scotty McCreery concert in Massachusetts as well as a week in a gorgeous rental home about 700 ft. from the beach in Corolla, NC on the Outer Banks with family. Heaven. Pure heaven. Already planning next years!

Now…where are you going? 🙂


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