Digital Media Strategy Step 1 – Defining Your Target Market

Carolina Ballet Patrons

The following is the first in a series of 5 posts focusing on creating a successful digital/social media strategy. In reviewing my blog analytics, I’ve discovered that social networking topics are popular. So, I’ve decided why not bring it back to the basics, right?

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The number one question you should ask yourself BEFORE engaging in a social/digital media plan is –

WHO are you trying to reach?

And be specific about it.

Let’s say you sell landscaping services. Your target market shouldn’t be just homeowners and commercial businesses. Define it even further – maybe new home owners in Wake County or businesses in Johnston County, specifically the Cleveland/Clayton areas. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your content will only gravitate to those individuals. It just means that by having a target to hone in on, you have a better idea of what kind of content you wish to share with your online audiences.

Here’s another example.

As the Digital Media Marketing Director for Fonville Morisey Realty here in the Triangle, I tell my Agents all the time that they are not just trying to reach buyers and sellers. Rather, perhaps some are targeting empty nesters, single mothers, people relocating to Wake and Orange Counties, etc. Again, that doesn’t mean that their content will only appeal to those markets, but it does give them something to focus on.

On the non-profit side, the Carolina Ballet has a diverse group of potential donors and patrons so their target market might be slightly different than a for-profit business. I venture to guess they are not only trying to reach people who love performing arts and the ballet (too broad) but also, large donors (corporations, for instance) or supporters willing to bequeath to them (through their Wills) when they pass on as well as the younger generation who could help promote them via social networking.

Do your research and consider who YOU are trying to reach and then plan your content accordingly.

And before you get in a tizzy about what content you’ll share, we’ll focus on that in Step #3. First, we got to get to Step #2 – Discover Where They Are (in the social space) in next week’s post. Stay tuned!

Image of the Carolina Ballet Patrons by Lisa Sullivan. ©2011. All Rights Reserved.

2 Responses to “Digital Media Strategy Step 1 – Defining Your Target Market”
  1. love this post, lisa! per usual, awesome insights! i love your thoughts on digital media. BTW: i just wanted to let you know that I gave you a VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD on my blog today! just hope you know how awesome you are! xoxo

    • WOW. Thanks, Lady! I’m knee-deep in blogging for work today but I’ll definitely take a look at your post this weekend. Thank you for the kudos. I am very grateful. It is nice to be recognized for your expertise. You ROCK too, my Friend! 🙂

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