Farewell Whitney Houston

I have been waiting all week to write this mostly because I wasn’t sure how I was going to begin to express how I feel about the untimely death of Whitney Houston. I figured it out this morning.

I am a child of God. I live my life everyday, I am alive everyday because of my faith. It’s what drives me, inspires me, directs me, protects me, makes me…me. If I didn’t have my Lord and Savior in my life today, I honestly don’t know where I’d be either.

It’s what we do with our faults, how we learn from them, grow from them, and how we constantly ask God to help us learn and help us grow from them.

Nobody’s perfect. Nobody. Perfection is Jesus and the last time I checked, he hasn’t made his second coming yet. We all sin. We all ask for forgiveness and we all sin again, maybe not in the same form, but we sin. That’s the reality. That’s what makes us human and that’s not to say that every  sin we commit makes it OK or is the explanation for why we go on. Nobody gets up in the morning and says, “Sorry God. Didn’t mean to cuss yesterday. Please forgive me,” and then promptly stops cussing. We strive for that. We ask God to help us watch our language, curb our actions, our attitudes, our behaviors and we pray that we will. Nobody’s perfect. It’s what we do with our faults, how we learn from them, grow from them, and how we constantly ask God to help us learn and help us grow from them. Without Him, nothing is possible. Without Him, we are nothing.

Perhaps that’s too strong for some people who are reading this right now but it is what I believe. I am a child of God. I am not perfect but boy, do I strive for perfection. And that’s what Whitney did.

Image from KSFY - ABC.

Whitney Houston was a child of God with a gift given to her from heaven above. That voice in the beginning, in its purest form was unmatched, revered, mimicked. Heck, I bought her very first studio release – Whitney Houston – on cassette and I listened to every single song over and over and over. I was that girl with the hairbrush microphone singing in front of the mirror or to my dolls with my bedroom door shut and I didn’t give a hoot if I was off-key or who was listening.  To this day, The Greatest Love of All is still one of my very favorite songs. I know all the words by heart and the melody and if I sang it right now, yep…I’d be off-key…and I still wouldn’t care.

That voice was mesmerizing.

Whitney was something special in those days and it’s that gift that I will forever cherish. Not the tabloid life she became. For years she fought her demons and for years I shook my head in sadness hoping and praying that she’d win. She was almost there, but she didn’t… win…and that voice is now silenced but will forever live on in the music that we all came to love.

Today, I pray for people in her shoes, those who fight the fight every single day. I pray they win but mostly, I pray they allow God to work within them. There are no guarantees that you’ll win. God knows your direction and your path. We will forever wonder what the purpose of Whitney’s death brings, but we have to believe that there is a lesson in there somewhere and that whomever needed to hear it, has.

The Whitney that I miss is the Whitney I grew up listening to. Just six years older than me she was my inspiration back then and it is that I will cherish – the gift from God that she had and shared with the world. And I pray that the gifts He has given me I continue to share with the world.

In the end, that’s what matters – did you share your gifts? Did you make a difference? Despite Whitney’s troubled life in her later years, she did. She inspired countless others to share their vocal gifts or whatever gifts they have been given. It is my hope and prayer that THAT’S what people take away, not the other stuff.

May the lesson be – if you have a gift from God, share it with the world. Always keep God at your center and if you should fall to the demons, may YOU pick yourself up with HIS help. May YOU win.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston may you truly rest in peace.



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