Aspirations for 2012 for This Carolina Girl

In my last post I reflected on the GREAT year that was in my life – 2011. I honestly can’t fathom how 2012 can top that unless…

Scotty McCreery Signs Autographs at Best Buy

Scotty McCreery signing autographs at Best Buy 12/15/11. Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.

I actually meet Scotty McCreery…which being from the same town & running many of the same circles (to some extent) you’d have thought that would’ve already happened but alas, it has not. I am in possession of a ticket to his show at the NC State Fair on October 15th; not just any ticket but a FRONT ROW seat! Since that is one day after my Birthday, I aim to meet him then if not before. So let’s just say I aspire to meet Scotty McCreery in 2012.

I write a book, publish it, and take off on my own book tour. Let’s just say that I’ve been working on a novel off and on for the last 6 or so years. I haven’t been inspired to sit down and finish it so if I’m being honest, this probably won’t happen. Instead, I’ll aspire to finish my book in 2012.

Parade Home in Apex NC 2010

One of the Parade of Homes 2010 homes in Apex, NC. October 2010.

We buy a house. With interest rates the lowest they’ve been in YEARS and several options for people like us available, I aspire to purchase a home (it would be our first home) in 2012.

Mike and Lucy run on the beach in Nags Head

My husband and our pooch chasing the birds on the beach in Nags Head in North Carolina's Outer Banks. 2009.

We take not one but TWO trips this year. As of April 1st I will qualify for two weeks paid vacation. Let’s see…I worked my BUTT OFF from 2009-2011 (no vacation) to obtain the job I got and I’m currently busting my derriere for the awesome job I was so blessed to have obtained for the last year. I think I’ve earned at least one week of a REALLY NICE vacation this year, don’t you? I’m tired and I’m ready. The second trip will be much shorter — more like a 3 or 4-day long weekend thing and we’re planning that now (gotta save some room for the 2012 holiday season too). So, I aspire to take some much-deserved and well-earned time off in 2012.

We find a church to call home. We moved here in 2005. It took 4 years to find a place to worship that fit most of the parameters we set for ourselves, but unfortunately, we found that we didn’t attend as frequently and then shortly thereafter, it dissolved. Now, we’re back to square one. I aspire to find a church to call home in 2012.

And if NASA comes calling again or I win tickets to the Super Bowl or hit up a Patriots game (home or away) or something else just as exciting should take place this year, well then I certainly won’t be disappointed (insert wink here).

I don’t set resolutions or goals each year. I just don’t. Rather, I make aspirations that are either attainable or at the very least get me motivated. I’m good with that thinking process.

How ’bout you? What do you aspire for 2012? Would love to hear all about it! Go ahead. Please comment below.


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