Reflections of 2011

Scotty McCreery on Stage at Lake Benson Park in Garner NC

Last year I reflected on events around the world. Since this year was a banner year in my own life, I want to spend some time just thinking backwards as to why it was. As I do, I smile.

In January, I got to volunteer at the 2011 NHL All Star Game right here in my own backyard – Raleigh, NC. My volunteering duties were nothing exciting. I spent most days ensuring the line around the Stanley Cup moved swiftly and easily as the coveted trophy was displayed in the Convention Center for the fans. However, I did get one super interesting assignment – for the “Red Carpet Arrivals” of the players I was in charge of ensuring the traditional media had a place to safely stand, interview, & photograph the players via one of the two media pits along the Carpet. That was something! I saw every player up close and personal. This was a definite highlight in January!

In February and continuing into March, I ended up with a total of 8 job interviews; 2 job offers resulted and I accepted one. After two years of searching, volunteering my expertise, freelancing, building a network, etc. I finally found a position doing exactly what I wanted for a company that supports my efforts and on April 1st I started this new venture. For nine months now, I have been the Digital Media Marketing Director for the leading real estate company in the Triangle, Fonville Morisey. I love what I do and am so thankful for this opportunity. Not a day goes by when I don’t look forward to going into work. Not many can say that!

Scotty McCreery on Stage at Lake Benson Park in Garner NC

Scotty McCreery on stage at Lake Benson Park, Garner NC. May 2011.

I was no sooner hired and BAM – Scotty McCreery makes a run for American Idol. At that point, he had a really good shot of going all the way. With him being from my town (Garner, NC) and his mom having been a successful agent with Fonville Morisey, I went from following him as a fan and member of the Town to doing whatever I could to promote him from a Fonville Morisey angle too. Heck, the company was (and is) so proud of him that we supported him all the way to the end. T-shirts were made, groups of us attended Town of Garner official viewing parties, nearly 30 of us attended his hometown concert at Lake Benson Park (all dressed in those red t-shirts), about that same group attended the viewing of the Finale at the RBC Center, and again, many of us went to the Idols concert when it made its stop in Raleigh a couple of months later. What a cool thing to witness!  I/we are so incredibly happy for Scotty. May his star continue to rise & shine!

In July, not only did I go to the Idols concert but just before that at the invitation of NASA (thank you Twitter!), I attended the last landing of the Space Shuttle Atlantis with NASA Tweetup. While it wasn’t a typical Tweetup for them (it didn’t include some of the extras like tours of the facility, meet & greet with astronauts, etc.), it was still an amazing experience. To be 600 ft from the tarmac when that bird flew in pre-dawn on that July morning was something I will never forget!

In September, I attended the BEST Social Media conference I’ve been to yet. Now, granted, it was for work BUT I got so much out of it through the presentations, case studies, and offline socializing with fellow digital/social media peeps that I am making it my mission to attend again this year. Social Fresh. Check it out!

My Birthday month of October was just as stellar as the rest of the year had

Deep Fried Snickers at the NC State Fair

THE Deep Fried Snickers at the NC State Fair 2011

been. I kicked it off with attendance at Scotty McCreery’s Birthday bash (I think it’s just awesome that we have the same Birthday month!). The next weekend (my Birthday weekend) my husband and I attended the NC State Fair where we rode the roller coaster and I ate my favorite treat – Deep Fried Snickers (YUMMY!). The month finished up with attendance at Carolina Ballet’s Dracula, which I proceeded to write about here too.

These last two months of 2011 have been extremely busy but we were able to venture to New England in November for Thanksgiving where we got to have TWO Thanksgiving celebrations with family. In December, it was attendance at a performance of Carolina Ballet’s Nutcracker (so beautiful!) and a jaunt to Florida for Christmas with the Sullivan side of our family. I also got to visit with my former boss from my NBC 17 days who is now a good friend living in Tampa as well as with an online friend and fellow Jason Gerhardt Fan Club Associate who I had never met until this week (so good to finally meet her!).

Yasmin and Lisa December 2011

Me with Yasmin Frydenlund, Webmaster for Jason Gerhardt Fan Club web properties

I have had an incredible year! I predicted that 2011 was going to be my year and it not only lived up to the prediction but it exceeded it. I mean NHL All Star Game, Scotty McCreery, NASA, and Carolina Ballet performances all in one year. I have been blessed!

So…what do I hope for in 2012? More of the same. 🙂 I don’t know that I’ll get to another NASA Tweetup again, nor will I get to witness another American Idol from our area (I don’t think), but I do have ideas of what I hope to experience this year. I’ll save that for another post.

Mike and Lisa at Ethos

My husband and I at Ethos Restaurant in Orlando FL

Even with all of this let me just say that NONE of it would be possible without my deep & faithful relationship with my Father in Heaven. My faith is what gets me through each day. I am who I am because of Him and it is He who blesses me; not some dumb luck or anything like that.  Each experience I had this year I chalk up to the One who loves me and blesses me. For that I am eternally grateful.

May each of you experience a year of stellar activity in 2012. If 2011 wasn’t as good to you, well guess what – you have another year to make things happen. “With God ALL things are possible” right?

Cheers to you for a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year filled with wonder, new experiences, and most importantly, love and faith.

Happy New Year!


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