Scotty McCreery Came Home and It Was “Clear As Day”

That’s probably the best way to title this post since I’m combining my utter excitement for his Birthday Bash last weekend and the release of his debut CD “Clear As Day” all in one.

We hometown Garner-ites soak up all the Scotty love, and not because he’s “Scotty” but rather, we feel a sense of pride having watched his career blossom from Clayton Idol 2009 winner to American Idol winner to a #1 debut CD…and #1 across ALL genres. Like…WOW! But, seriously, we’ve watched “our boy” grow up and it is something to treasure.

Hollywood wasn’t sure he was going to be able to come back home and live a normal life. Well, I think we’ve proven that theory wrong.  Even those of us who have never met him (me included, though I can’t tell you how many times our paths have crossed just having “missed each other” at Pelican’s Snowballs or El Dorado or at a hometown Garner High Football game) we respect his desire to “live a normal life”. Oh and by the way, the song “Water Tower Town” is so fitting. We do enjoy our Friday night football games and sweet tea around here.

Who would’ve ever thought a local guy would make it BIG enough (pun intended) to make a record, the kind that concert-goers would want to immediately play after a performance?

So, last weekend Scotty came home and all 15,000 or so of us sang “Happy Birthday” to him (I even think it was on key for the most part) while he received a Gold Record Award, took questions from the audience, and performed a few songs from the album itself.  I gotta say – that concert was perfect. Absolutely perfect. They started on time. They ended on time. In between songs there weren’t any awkward moments either. Janie and Marty from WQDR 94.7, our hometown Country station, did an impressive job MC-ing the event. By the time it was over, I think all 15,000 of us felt like we were personally invited to celebrate with our boy.

An enthusiastic Scotty fan's back window in the parking lot at Scotty's Birthday Bash. Copyright Lisa Sullivan. All Rights Reserved.


I tell ya what though, probably the most surreal experience from the day was pulling out of the parking lot, waiting in the line of traffic and listening to everyone blaring Scotty’s music. Who would’ve ever thought a local guy would make it BIG enough (pun intended) to make a record, the kind that concert-goers would want to immediately play after a performance? And not only that but, the record would be the highest debut for the week too! Absolutely surreal.

Speaking of “Clear As Day”…what a piece of art it is! Seriously. You can tell that Scotty and crew put their heart & soul into picking every single song that is reflective of who he is… and the variety of the collection too holds its own merit. It’s got some old country, some new country, some songs that could cross over, some Christian influences. From the aforementioned Water Tower Town to That Old King James to my personal favorite, Write Your Number on My Hand, it is chock full of down home country goodness. It’s like taking Scotty’s favorite Chicken Supreme & Sweet Tea combination from Bojangles and doing what he does with it – making a “chicken biscuit out of the Supreme so that he has 3 meals in one,” as he calls it.

As music-lovers we are blessed to have such a talented young man share his gift with us while keeping himself grounded surrounding himself with all the right people, especially his family who obviously brought him up right. I pray for Scotty and the McCreery’s everyday. No, really I do. I am thankful that he is sharing that gift and that he maintains his faith, and I pray everyday that never changes.

Anyway, if you haven’t bought his CD yet, go get it. In fact, if there are still some Walmart Zine Packs left, get THAT. It’s what I purchased and it’s worth every penny. Again, Scotty put his personal touch into that project and it’s yet another gift to his fans.

Scotty performing at his Birthday Bash on October 8, 2011. Copyright Lisa Sullivan. All Rights Reserved

Oh and I’d like to give a shout out to Missy and the crew at “Moms 4 McCreery”too. If you’re not already a fan of their

Facebook Page, you might want to become one. Missy does a great job of capturing all Scotty news…even faster than his official Page does, though you want to follow that one as well because Scotty personally posts on that Page too.  Oh heck. It’s all good, right?

What’s your favorite Scotty McCreery song of his new CD and why? Leave a comment below, if you’d like. I’d love to hear about it.

In the meantime, once again Scotty – many CONGRATULATIONS for all your achievements. You make the Town of Garner and we Garner-ites proud.

Please note: all comments are subject to moderation. If I feel the comment is not in line with the question or is the opposite answer to the question, then I won’t approve it. That’s the beauty of having a blog. Don’t like the guideline, write your own then.  It’s as simple as that. Be blessed!

15 Responses to “Scotty McCreery Came Home and It Was “Clear As Day””
  1. Roseanne…I totally get that. The CD is in my player in the car nonstop. Thanks for reading & commenting!

    Gail…my pleasure. I’ll be at the Raleigh Christmas Parade too so I’ll be sure to share pictures & my thoughts from that as well. Thanks for taking the time to read & comment too!

  2. Net Bautista says:

    I love Scotty. He is a wonderful kid. All the songs in the album are great, but my top four are Back on the Ground, That Old King James, Dirty Dishes & Write My Number on Your Hand.

    Thank you for writing the blog Lisa. I love reading anything about Scotty. God bless.

  3. TANYA WEST says:

    Sheila & I were at the concert & enjoyed everything about it. Your article sums it all up!! I really do think for different reasons everyone of the songs on the album are my favorites! If I had to really pick one right now would be “That Old King James” very touching & special since it did pass the “Mama crying test”. Totally agree on Missy’s site Moms4McCreery…awesome! Us mothers pray for Scotty & family everyday. We all have become really close to each other all because of The Lord leading Scotty to do what he is doing! Thanks for the article!!

    Tanya West

  4. Missy Brooks "Moms4McCreery" says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out Lisa 🙂 I really appreciate it and I love sharing Scotty’s talent and testimony with everyone I know! Favorite song is very hard to pick but Dirty Dishes tells the story of my life and my loves (my 4 boys), Old King James brings back memories of my mama, and Back on the Ground is an awesome story of a mother and son and it’s a story I can relate to.

  5. Barb U says:

    Hard decision but I think my favorites are Clear As Day and That Old King James. We love Scotty in Kentucky!

  6. Lexie says:

    I started following you on twitter during his birthday bash–and really enjoyed this blog! Thanks from SC!

  7. angela says:

    Love this kid. I can’t pick a favorite, because I love all the songs and my favorites keep changing daily. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to this CD. Love it.

    • I have the same predicament. The CD is in my player in my car and it’s immediately turned on when the car is. I just want to memorize ALL the words so I can sing along.

      Thanks for reading & commenting, Angela!

      • We LOVE Scotty here in Texas too!!!! The vocals are superb on “Clear As Day”! I have more than 1 favorite! Clear as Day, Better Than That, That Old King James, Dirty Dishes, Back On The Ground…….Ok-I pretyy much like them ALL, But I LOVE these! My niece & I are pretty much obsessed w/this CD!

      • Gail Drayton says:

        In the Z-pack there is a booklet with the words to each song. I, pretty much, have them down pat! lol Love all the songs on there…as hard as I try, my fav changes daily.
        I purchased both the Z-pack and the Cd so I have one upstairs that I play throughout the night and the other downstairs where I can play it whenever I want. Then the EP that I have, as well. So, I am all set until his next one. 🙂
        Thanks for all that you share with us!

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