Hurricane Irene A Fascinating Storm

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by weather. At one point in my life…well, OK, for a split second…I considered one day being a meteorologist. Then, I learned I’d have to really know my math and science and well, that whole concept went out the window. I became a teacher instead and yes, sometimes I taught math and science, sure…but I taught the subject matter for no one over the age of 12. That’s neither here nor there, nor the point of this post.

In any event, I am just absolutely fascinated by weather and whenever the forecast calls for something out of the ordinary (like a hurricane), I love to capture the experience the best way I know how – image and/or video.

Sunset After Hurricane Irene

Over the last 24 hours, we here in North Carolina’s Triangle (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill and surrounding areas) and points east have experienced our first major hurricane in quite some time – Hurricane Irene. For my family and I, it was the first we’ve experienced since moving to this beautiful area over six years ago.

I was excited! And I found myself up very early this morning to catch the coverage on our local media outlets, primarily devoting my time to my former station, NBC 17 (who covered it brilliantly, by the way).

The wind was fierce for the first few hours.  It wasn’t until early afternoon that the rain bands made their way to our part of the state. Since what we were getting wasn’t nearly as bad as even the next county over (Johnston County, NC), I was able to have my slider open most of the day so I could really listen to the wind and the rain and feel the storm’s intensity on our end.  Probably not the safest thing in the world. So… kids – don’t try this at home. Still, for most of the afternoon it was awesome to be able to experience Irene’s wrath.

I took several videos – mostly posted on my Facebook profile, but I’ll share the final one of the most beautiful skies as the storm began to wind down:

I’m thankful that we only experienced wind gusts of 30-40 mph and a good soaking rain around here. At the same time, I pray for those in eastern North Carolina who felt the brunt of it so much so that there’s damage and flooding in the various areas. And I pray for those still in the path of the storm – my friends and family up the east coast, especially in Massachusetts.

And I’m still fascinated by weather. Kudos to my friends & NBC 17 meteorologists, Bill Reh, Wes Hohenstein, and Jeremy Baker. You guys and everyone who covered the storm today did a phenomenal job.

Snow storm on Christmas weekend 2010, tornadoes in April 2011, hurricane in August 2011. What’s next? Dare I ask?  Whatever it is, I can’t wait to tell its story too.


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