NASA Invites Me to Witness Historic Landing of Space Shuttle Atlantis

Funny. Last week, I posted an update explaining that I have been on “hiatus” and that I would be back in full swing probably closer to the fall. And then, I received an invitation for an incredible opportunity, one worth blogging about NOW.

Thanks to the good folks at NASA, particularly those that host NASA Tweetup, my name was selected to be one of 50 who get to witness history this coming Thursday as Mission STS-135 Space Shuttle Atlantis makes its final landing at Kennedy Space Center after its final mission to the International Space Station. How COOL is that!

I am kind of a space freak (not to be confused with a space cadette, wink-wink).

I have always been fascinated with the space shuttle program. Growing up, I’d watch most shuttle launches on TV. In fact, time would stop so I could watch each bird make its way from Earth to space. When I got older and had the chance to live in central Florida for a period of time, I had the opportunity to see two day launches and one night launch, none of which on NASA property, but all well worth the trip to the Florida coast nonetheless.

One of my favorite scenes from the film Space Camp

After viewing the film, Space Camp (released 1986), I wanted to attend a week at Space Camp in Hunstville, Alabama, but as I grew older, well, family trips and short vacations took precedence.  I’m also the girl that has watched Apollo 13 seven or eight times, who owns the film Armageddon, and who loves most movies that have a space theme.  Yep, I am a space freak!

So, when I got the invitation to attend this week’s landing, I jumped at the chance and I can’t wait!

Space Shuttle Atlantis lifts off from Kennedy Space Center for the final time, July 8th 2011.

This is the final mission in NASA’s 30-year history of the space shuttle program. On the one hand, it’s sad to see it end. On the other, the possibilities for creating opportunities for future exploration with higher-tech vehicles that could possibly take our astronauts to further destinations (Mars, anyone?) is just as exciting.

in the meantime, all I know is I get to witness history this Thursday and that’s pretty damn cool.

Expect a follow up post, lots of pictures, and maybe a little video. If you’re not following me on Twitter, do. Hit me up at I’ll be LIVE Tweeting from the event but you have to be up pretty early to check it out.  The shuttle is scheduled to land at 5:58am.

A sunrise landing. Should be absolutely beautiful to witness.

Image courtesy of

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